The Sims 4 Get To Work Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – DOCTOR (NEW EXPANSION)

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Guys and welcome back to some more sims. I know you guys seem to love love this serious. I thought or bring it back for the new dlc.
Which is get to work so for new jobs. A retail detective doctor and scientists so its not just like a normal job. You actually have to go to work as well.
Which is quite interesting so with this check it out have some fun with it. And yeah. It should be good fun.
Because i see some more hit like button and lets get on with it i guess lets unpause this game right so. What im gonna do is i want alison to own a retail shop. If she can if we go to here by a retail store right that sounds good can we do that it was so good we can do that straight away right.
Shes molding come on lets do it on a by retail store like so badly. We do know i stopped guess i have to go to here. I dont know i havent seen this screen before so you know i get nervous.
It should be okay. Though right us this where we buy our stores how much do they cost does it give us like a price it does i meant all these cost like so much money. I used to save up uh.
I dont know what to do we could potentially just buy that how much is it unfurnished okay price you can finish it yourself. Then um. How its a bit more money though.
Oh clap okay press. We cant buy retail store at the moment. But pants.
I had to save up for okay fair enough understand that sucks. I was like getting really excited about that right so jenny you will leave your current job. And we get a new job.
So it should be under here quick job. It must feel so good just to quit your job done bye suckers. Im gonna new job right now.
Shes on the phone. She all right blue. She flies come on jenny.
Give me some news. Give me some good news right yes quit a job goodbye. All shes sad right no sounds get a new job.
Yes so find a new job. Its gonna be a scientist detective or doctor. I cant decide and once you get out i hover over any of our stats.
Go quite. Good chrismal. Quite a comedy huh good fitness.
Perhaps perhaps not it and perhaps not a scientist. Perhaps perhaps not a scientist or doctor. Perhaps.
The detective that revoke it so i said gun to crime. She attempted a good side and bring a detective maybe we can do that please let me pick my new job.

how to go to work sims 4-0
how to go to work sims 4-0

Please please no right oh yes perfect. I think yeah i think it should be a good detective. So shell have a corporal mine.
Till. Six. That is quite long hours.
Thats a long day not none of this mine. Till. Five crap mine.
Till six theres a lot of hours right fair enough done sweet girl new career so whens our first day i choose focus so i know thats the ideal mood. Okay idle mode is to be focused and ready for work right when hes a working day 24 hours. So shes got a whole the whole day to prepare for it is there anything we need to do interrogate.
A suspect. Okay i guess thats like an option. We can do thats exciting though right also megan she should be ready for a job as well.
Shes a live chat. Support agent now over now were changing up um. You should get anything.
Shes quite good at logic fitness. Perhaps scientists perhaps although weve got something quite good. I think i might have michael coleman as the scientists think when he grows up right so youre gonna leave your current job again so quit.
Im just im just quitting over the place quit your job just go screw. It on off got a new job. Bye suckers.
Whos that big shia man have you have to talk. Yet nope. All right.
Good guido sounds like a sound. Sound. Like sad.
Music. She was used to a tech guru. Um.
Perhaps a scientist would be good. I dont know i cant decide now right anyway. Lets get a new job.
Im going to get the new job so find the new job do it quickly right i want to be a. I know it doctor. I think theres be a doctor this is so cool.
I guess i have to sort of pick which one im gonna go with in terms of like go to the actual career stuff so once we get the job once when she goes to our job. We actually take control what shes doing inside that job. So i should be quite interested in fun forgotten tests.
Thats not good is it is she still at school. Then fine study group. I have no idea yay exams been voted right awesome hungry artists not bad at all study of the life form okay.
Interesting. The phones ringing.

how to go to work sims 4-1
how to go to work sims 4-1

Howd you have a phone already incoming call. The principal was arent what the principal is called a wife. The principal calling for its calm be good oh.
She stinks. Its kind of saying go have a shower or something ever bath right. Whats this phone about no okay stop the shoot.
He was watching the kids network perfect trolled. The forms cheesy swallows trolls on internet breaking in my comments. Right time.
I can do his homework. I dont think thats actually time work there pressors beanies infantry. No eyes theyre larrys do homework before you go to bed right so.
Meghans hospital shift is about to begin and we can decide to leave her alone or we can join her were gonna join her yay. This is so cool quickly get to go to work with them for once thats never been any like the sims ever thats what i do as well. Its quite pricy this day.
Well see i think a little bit too pricey or sound. Ive already seen whats to offer yet. Ive got retail stores free new jobs.
So uh. No rights aware in im so excited and welcome megan common to the vital and rewarding career in the field of medicine being new to job take time to familiarize yourself with occasion people and basic assault abilities or the profession in time and skill dedication and a passion to help their fellow sims. Megan will no doubt go far in a in her career.
So in the top left with the like goals. I guess for each day. So grab a snack between seeing patients greets to co workers and research health reports online.
Okay right so this is so good i scan quick this person. Im for an introduction. Hello hey.
Then im laying around here yeah. Its so good shes well friend introduction. Dont say hello.
Its actually doctor right good. Thats number one done or number. Two dont ask about co workers day good eye.
Hows your day. Do i do anything around here. Yeah fine about work.
I means ask about day karla friendly being around here someone ask right lay. There we go thats fine right. Its kinda sales anyway.
We should probably a little bit more um involved in the patients. Right. Oh hello.
Theres a person over here. Who z. Or what can we need to help you treat patients.
The liver food. Examine patient discuss health in general.

how to go to work sims 4-2
how to go to work sims 4-2

Have you dan oh. What done. What you get distracted.
Already. What are you doing. Where is she whos just talking to i cant see anyone you talk to someone i saw some flood do pick pick open it i have no idea right experts are patient whatever we can have sex with a patient once they get better.
Oh you okay. Oh my dont flirt with them ill just fly with them and he loves it friendly introduction oh falls so tender back to work day dot saw her career venue so i got do two days together moated wha me flacco tabla fela hmm come examination again tunku boo espinel jimmy treating you right right so gi bar possum. Oh.
Is this this makes no sense. Holiness bums. Oi.
Oh. You help him. Oh oh yes your mouth so hes a teen as well ah yeh patient cute old help house easy car loose tea whilst you laugh about that youre like literally one bit medicine or something.
And that was it you are kidding me that was too easy right ill treat you then what can we not do that i wont say what rickets thats not a person right go and friend introduction of fun is it funny. I thought i was this no yours funny by a friendly introduction and help the patient. Im all about helping these patients.
Hello. Um are you okay doing to help you at all examine the patient. This discussion will help student arab fatale you sound like a in about sunny buescher.
Not always about sir our bar isnt even up to one year. So just trying to prove that in some ways. Lets do.
Some research grab a snap jerome time to treat. Me. Starry.
Eyes. Whats more medicine is that it hilda have a patient whats going on right time to go and grab a snack. When we grab a snack aha.
Im guessing for around here thats grab. We doing it by snack there we go thats by a sandwich. I mean.
Its not really a bit early. But im always up for early lunches. Oh youre hungry around 11 or 12.
Anyway right got grabbed wash hands okay. So wash hands afterwards sounds like a plan well wash those hands wash those hands. So everyone out the way done.
Yes. Oh. Whats that i have no idea.
Right grab a cup of coffee brew. A coffee actually be like hyper is that like guess coke. There as well and some instant coffee and a sandwich where oh.
It is like high on sugar thats fast wood a bit i like this so far. I dont know why i like it.

how to go to work sims 4-3
how to go to work sims 4-3

But this feels like i know compare my work there we go right perfect complain as fast a little bit. Weve seen a chat before a room. So yes like tons of research wash hands again just chat to coworkers do that for dinner.
Just general chat. My choice is friendly asked about things my choice is friendly discuss interests for any witness. This woman.
Yeah done already sweets then this gum wash your hands for like can i reason is it like a sink to sink. There actually its a skeleton. You are kidding me qui qui touch can we hold ask ellen you can view.
The scanner right were run out of time actually madam things got really quick is it running out. I can leave work early okay. Its interesting makers day will end in one hour.
You start to wrap up okay. Sweet. Shes washing her hands.
Again thats done chug. It is a bar upside fall grab a snack again how arent you how many snacks does she need right im gonna quickly can we do a bit of like health research. Do you have time for that are you deaf computer perhaps a computer.
There we go lets tree search that one i guess good did it do it away from the skeleton. Im no its so attractive. I mean that does its pretty hot is it a spring that that wire right anyway coming thats it research do it quickly how long will this take yes right now quickly gonna ask how i created this does she move at all like does she ever move in any way do you do anything any summer.
Kind of shes just see in there right chat with a patient just any patients here. Its the guys like quite a hospital ever. But daffy needs people coming in i dont know i have a friend introduction shoes hey.
I was just not bother to she end of shift got done thats actually really fun i enjoyed that so i guess next time. We do it would do the detective. One.
But that was cool oh i cant go every day with her to work. But ill put it interchange. It of like other people and other people in the house.
But yeah thats awesome i liked it theres that lots of little tartar that multi managing stuff. More tasks. Managing crap.
Which ill never get out in daily life. So thats fun. Though right can we also those got to try to ten two days at work.
But performance is pretty high so yes how you doing at work are you doing her at work. Now you know no we cant right megan has now returned. So you go on a hunger.
Dont eat something actually dont visit dont fix this for me. Im off hope you guys. Enjoyed the episode you want to see some more hit the like button.
I think the dlcs a little bit overpriced. But im actually quite enjoying it so far so console. Playing too much be yeah.
See you later also if you wanna. See any jobs or something in particular let me know in the comment section below. And ill see you later .

how to go to work sims 4-4
how to go to work sims 4-4

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