The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien | How to Tell a True War Story

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The story how to tell a true war story in the things. They carried weaves weaves together. The narrators comments about war stories.
Kurt. Lemons. Death.
And a mysterious told by mitchell sanders. The platoon is in deep jungle. When rat and kurt play a silly game.
They invented that involves tossing a live smoke grenade then dancing around in the smoke. The soldiers hear a noise. A detonator when kurt moves from shadow into sunlight.
He steps on a booby trapped round which blows his body apart the light seems to lift him into a tree full of moss and vines and white blossoms. The narrator describes kurts death is almost beautiful he and dave jensen climbed the tree to collect kurts body parts dave sings lemon tree as they do this gory work after kurts remains are flown outs rat comes across a baby water buffalo.

how to tell a true war story summary-0
how to tell a true war story summary-0

He pets it and tries to feed it then shoots it in the knee then shoots off one of its ears rad continues to shoot different parts of its body not to kill but to hurt while the others watch. But somehow the buffalo stays alive. Rat whispers something to it starts crying and walks away kiowa and mitchell dump the dying animal in a well mitchell as always finds a moral to the story vietnam is the garden of evil.
Where every sins fresh and original. After kurts death rat writes a long letter to kurts sister praising curtain. Describing his silly behavior despite the gravity of war but kurts sister never writes back mitchell.
Then tells the narrator. A story about six soldiers who blend in to a mountain to listen for enemy movement for seven straight days theyre silent. But during the next few days.
They hear strange music sounds and voices that come from the foggy mountain finally. The soldiers lose it calling in airstrikes in the morning. Two soldiers still hear the strange noises on the mountain.
They return to base camp and refuse to talk about their experience the morale mitchell decides is that nobody listens politicians civilians back home and military commanders dont understand vietnam because theyve never listened to the enemy in the vapors and rocks of its landscape. The narrator explains that the purpose of true war story is not the teacher inspire or suggest models of proper human behavior stories may fluctuate between truth and fiction a thing may happen and be a total lie another thing may not happen and be truer than the truth and a true war story never seems to end you .

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how to tell a true war story summary-1

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