The Whole Story of Granny Finally Revealed – Feat. Being Scared

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Is the whole story of granny granny was born in emboscada in paraguay. Her parents parents had no work and lived in misery to earn some money her father went drug trafficking. But you know the criminal world.
Always leads to disaster at the age of 10 grannys father came home with a lot of cash. He said. He finished a job and that they could finally live decently they moved in romania in a house in the middle of the plains.
They lived in isolation for five years and granny was not allowed to go to school grannys father never told her the truth. He had stolen a briefcase full of money from bolivian traffickers during a drug exchange now they lived isolated so they would never be found by those traffickers and they were surely looking for them in latin america. So to avoid contact with the outside as much as possible they had false documents.
They didnt drive and granny didnt go to school. Her mother taught her the english language at home. But one day while they were eating a group of men with their faces covered entered their home granny was 15 years old and was scared these men had kalishnikov one of the men.
The largest approached the table looking at her father. He was probably the boss he asked her father where is the money her father replied. Im going to take it its there in the drawer.
Her father got out of his chair went to the drawer. And then took a baseball bat at full speed. He ran to the leader of the group and hit his head with the bat the man fell unconscious on the ground.
While the other terrorists started shooting. Her father and her mother granny wasted no time she passed through a small hole behind the sofa and she ran away in the forest crying behind her she could hear the terrorists following her she kept running through the trees without knowing where she was going after 20 minutes.

who is the narrator of
who is the narrator of “granny and the golden bridge”?-0

She stopped and rested they were no longer following her she was in the middle of romania. With no idea. What she would have done at one point.
She found a dark mansion. It certainly seemed abandoned she entered and saw no one she only saw paintings stuck in a dark corridor. Then she found in the room.
A man and a woman eating the man was named charlie and his wife. Eva. He was an italian painter and very warmly welcomed granny who ate carbonara pasta with them and told him all her story charlie and eva were shocked.
They decided that the next day. They would report everything to the police. But they didnt know they never would there was croissu in that mansion.
The previous wife of charlie. That was waiting for them to fall asleep to kill them that night. While granny charlie and ava were sleeping cressu started to issue.
Moans and weird sounds through the walls granny woke up opened the door and saw cressu that terrifying floating head. Looked at her for a few seconds. And said run granny ran away from the mansion.
Leaving behind those terrifying screams cressu had spared her because she only wanted one thing. Take revenge by killing charlie and his wife.

who is the narrator of
who is the narrator of “granny and the golden bridge”?-1

While krasu. Killed. Charlie.
Who would later become the ghost of the mansion granny ran into the forest. She managed to get to a road where she fell asleep the following morning. She was found by the police who asked her some questions granny confessed everything.
But said nothing about what had happened in the mansion. Therefore. She was entrusted to an orphanage where she grew up and where she came of age when she was 18.
She started working in a bar and put money aside one day she returned to her home in the middle of the woods. The house had been nearly destroyed since they killed her parents. But it was still there she went inside and saw the bat with which her father hid.
The terrorist chief. She took it and took it away music granny was very good at talking to people and managed to have a job as a cook in a luxury restaurant. So she started putting aside a lot of money.
There she also met a very kind waiter grandpa after a few months. They got engaged granny and grandpa worked hard to rebuild the home of grannys parents she also hung her childhood drawings on the wall. They were still there granny and grandpa married grandpa started to work as a carpenter they spent their wedding years in the same house later they had a daughter angeline slendrinas mother.
One day grandpa exploring the places near grannys house discovered a mansion. He opened the locked door with a crowbar and inside.

who is the narrator of
who is the narrator of “granny and the golden bridge”?-2

He saw that there were bags of coins. He began to pick them up. But crassu came out of the darkness and bit him in the chest.
Granny had never told him about that mansion grandpa ran away. But he fell down dead on the path granny found him and buried him behind her house. She had lost another loved one after her parents.
But she was too strong to cry. She understood that her life could not have been better after seven years. A little boy called simon slenderman came in her house.
He had lost his parents granny welcomed him and she took care of him angeline and simon grew together and they fell in love when they were 17. Then in the forest. A black dog good boy by biting angelines leg sent the curse to her then they moved and had a daughter.
Slendrina music granny loved slendrina. Very much and gave her a teddy bear. But when slendrina was 14 years old.
The curse. Occurred. Simon became slender man slendrina and slendrinas mother became ghosts.
And began to haunt old houses. Granny had lost her family again one night granny.

who is the narrator of
who is the narrator of “granny and the golden bridge”?-3

Understood that the spirit of slendrina was looking for her teddy bear. So she went to slendrinas school. And she put the teddy bear in a classroom after slendrinas death.
Granny. Tried in every way to bring her husband grandpa back alive. He discovered leave the future husband of slendrina.
Leave was not yet a vampire. He was experimenting in his laboratory and they managed to bring grandpa alive music. But he was strange he looked like a zombie after a while granny decided to take him in an old nursing home in bulgaria music.
Then the disgrace of the castle happened and granny transformed into a zombie. She went to get slendrinas diary. And the teddy bear to protect slenderinas diary.
Granny turned her house into a trap. With puzzles and riddles to torture and kill any victim music. She had inherited the passion for hide and seek and puzzles from her father.
She killed and tortured a lot of people with her fathers bat. Because she saw them as enemies thinking that they knew the secret of slendrina music granny realized that slendrinas diary was in danger at her house. So she took the diary to grandpas house in bulgaria where they could protect it better.
Granny is trying to bring her whole family to life. And she is succeeding music you .

who is the narrator of
who is the narrator of “granny and the golden bridge”?-4

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