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Hey. Whats up this is christian suarez. So im here with my man.
Man. Eddie. And this is my first time being over here so tell me a bit about what you got going on over.
There. All the states wellness center. We have a floatation tank.
Obviously. Which you experience. Yeah.
Oh yeah. I can see the junk off your face. Really.
Relaxed. Yeah. We got that its four foot by eight foot long as temperature controlled as far as i like humidity and so forth.
In there the more are the warmest and in the water. And you just cut a kickback and thats basically what you hear and what goes on is you get in touch with before you thinking of thinking. That godley thats that spiritual job before thinking.
Im thinking here right now yeah.

sensory deprivation tank las vegas-0
sensory deprivation tank las vegas-0

That phenomena and you really get in touch with that and the tank just kind of opens. It up for you i experienced this junk back in 1985. So its cool so i was actually talking to my best one of my best friends and we were talking about joe rogan.
Podcasts. And were talking about yeah. Yeah.
We have people come through the room. Joe joe joe anyway. Its cool right. the only cat down here vegas. So right so were talking and were like hey man.
Who do really cool for you get into you know. Its also known as the isolation tank or the floatation tank deprivation right deprivation. But essentially you go in there.
And its pitch black you cant see anything cant hear anything youre floating the whole time so it feels like youre floating. And me theyre like an if you took different experience. Ive never felt anything like it and it felt really relaxed and really good.
It was just i dont know ive heard different perspectives on it and one use that i was doing it for more for personal development. So i did a lot of visualizations. Getting really clear focused on my outcomes stuff.
There do for business.

sensory deprivation tank las vegas-1
sensory deprivation tank las vegas-1

My health and different areas of my life. And i was right there really really relax and focus on those things from a personal development standpoint. But also you know if its listen to joe rogan.
He talks about just getting you know even high or just feeling like a getting in touch at a spiritual level. This theres a lot of perspectives and also if youre you if you want to use it for more a practical stress release or like being more relaxed. It can be applied at that level to what so just for me this is my first time and i had a great experience.
I really enjoyed the whole process so thank you for inviting me yeah. Thats what its about its that room is whatever. This is the serenity roland thats a dry sauna shock or whatever and you can hear music underwater too and its very cool stuff if you want that yeah are just total deprivation stuff.
Its a trip man. I mean when you get in there. I would say you leave your problems in the tank man.
Its all between your ear bones right you know. Its like whatever your objective is everybody should have one right. Yeah.
I didnt have too much of an expectation when i did it. But the first time well actually the first 5 45 minutes in there i just want deprivation. I just want to just be in there by myself with my thoughts.
And he and in there like the first thing. I started noticing. It was just my heart beating like thats all i noticed just my heart beating.
I started noticing my body.

sensory deprivation tank las vegas-2
sensory deprivation tank las vegas-2

But after a while just felt more its hard to describe the experience. But it felt like there wasnt any water anymore and i was floating the entire time and i just felt just kind of at ease and really relaxed. I was it almost felt like if if it was possible humanly possibly felt like if i was floating in the galaxy or somewhere like it felt really different.
And you didnt miss that a lot of thousands millions of people except for the fire okay and then whatever you have a partner about that chuck about something going around in circles. Right yeah anyways this put this up whatever as far as notes. Its just i cant prove this right.
But what happens is if you cut their mind body spirit you go exterior you never talk about that you go on stereo. So you actually step it out people do this with your gun so what song. But this is like the softest warm bed and get yeah.
So you want a mellow and this is the place to do it in the room. But what happens is the plastic 179 miles an hour and you go exterior your mind and spirit goes outside your body and your body. Believe it or not is he.
But is going counterclockwise. You felt everybody feels a little better. Yeah.
Yeah. And you go come back in and ago. Thankfully still right dipstick phenomena.
So it was just one mans opinion. But theres amazing people have done this stuff. And thats whats going on when you feel like the stuff.
You talked about earlier.

sensory deprivation tank las vegas-3
sensory deprivation tank las vegas-3

Almost. Everythings gone. Yeah.
Oh yeah. You feel nothing. Like everything.
Melts. Away. Thats the salt water man.
Its all deers. Yeah you put in you. But just im gonna let me go in there banging ooh.
So anyways. Im so glad you came back today yeah. Thank you so if you definitely want to check this out and try it out a few times definitely recommend at the bottom of this video.
Theres gonna be a link to his website. So if you want to book something give him also leave his phone number. So you just give him a call.
And thank you again my plating event. Well done man. No you got a good flow.
First one good for you alright guys soon. .

sensory deprivation tank las vegas-4
sensory deprivation tank las vegas-4

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