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Applause music applause music hey guys jay here ramli campervan and i think i got got something here. You guys might really like this is the magic chef point 9. Foot wash machine.
Now i dont know if you guys saw the last video. I did on the panda wash machine. But this is what i had upgraded to so.
If you didnt see that video go ahead and watch that one its the panda wash machine. And i upgraded to this one because it does slightly larger loads of laundry. But its all automatic and its its as you can see here its a digital system.
Its all automatic and this is why i upgraded. So that i dont have to do all the extra steps like i had to do with the panda this one you throw the clothes in you press the button and thats it then the clothes are done and youre good to go so i want to show you guys this. It is also very solar friendly.
Very small energy conserving. Its just an awesome wash machine you guys will really enjoy this one so lets get into it im gonna show you a bunch of the features alright guys first thing first is how big is this wash machine. It is 17 inches.
Deep. Oh. Sorry im just struggling with the one hand here about sixteen and a half wide and about id say 31 31.
Inches. Tall. All right let me set.
The camera up on the tripod and well get into it a little bit further all right guys. So here. It is the magic chef point nine cubic foot wash machine.
Lets take a look inside here as you could see this has a stainless steel drum. Now the other one was all plastic this is a little a little bit of an upgrade for that another thing is it has a much more efficient lint trap. And this just comes off.
And you open it up here and take the lint out and i already clean this but this thing will get full almost every single load and its very simple to just pull that off im gonna tilt. You guys forward a little bit so you could see the down in here. You can see the the agitator and that works quite a bit better than the other wash machine that i was showing you guys all right now another thing about this wash machine is is all automatic you basically just set the set the the washing preference and let it go and this also does spin dry as well it also has a a glass top that you can come see perfectly through thats awesome so what so it comes with this hose and i just hooked that to my shower hose with a little adapter that i got from home depot.
So you can just leave it on and with this one instead of turning it on so instead of just turning the the water on you know too low to fill up the wash machine like the other one this one. All you have to do is you can actually just leave this one on sorry. Im just adjusting the camera here you can actually just leave the water on here.
So ill just turn these on its considered a cold only wash machine.

home depot portable washing machine-0
home depot portable washing machine-0

But i use warm water and i dont have any issues whatsoever. So no im gonna go through a couple of the options here and you turn it on with the power button there is a stop and pause button when the door is open it will give you an error if youre trying to wash clothes. So it will stop when you open the lid.
It has has several different options here for programming. Heavy load gentle load normal load rapid load. And then a soak option so you just select whichever one you want here right now.
Its on heavy. Then you come over to the next button. This is load size load three is large load.
One is small two is medium. So one two and three small medium and large the next option is wash. And this is the amount of minutes that you want it to wash for and it goes anywhere between 1.
And 15 all right and then you got the rinse button that does anywhere from one rinse to rinses three rinses and four rinses. This is this is just complete rinse cycles. However many if one through four is how many actual rinses you want it to go through all right.
And then the spin is how many minutes you want to spin for and that goes anywhere from 1 to 9 minutes all right so those are all the options there and then of course theyre over here theres a start and pause button. So you have so many different and with each of these programmable options here the heavy gentle normal rapid or soak. All of these options will change for you as well you could theres theres a lot more i usually just do heavy load size either one through three small small through large and then wash time.
I usually just do the max at 15 minutes. I usually just do two rinses and i usually just do the spin for two minutes. And its more than enough so lets and then what it does is it shows you the amount of minutes.
Its going to take to complete that i have the longest one i could possibly select pretty much here. And thats an gonna be an hour from the time. Its washing to the time it spins.
And youre ready. This one also does have the the beeping noises to let you know when its done itll also beep if theres any sort of error or anything like that so let me go back through these here. Ill do twelve minutes.
Ill do two rinses and two minutes spin. So what that did is it just almost cut the time in half. So.
And this is this is what i usually use so itll be a one through three load size and then a wash of twelve minutes rinse of two different rinse cycles and then spin for two minutes. Thats gonna give me a total of thirty eight minutes total time so let me go ahead and start a load. I do want to add about this washing machine that it unlike.
The panda model that i showed in a previous video.

home depot portable washing machine-1
home depot portable washing machine-1

This one does have a built in drain pump. So you do not have to have this elevated over a drain for gravity feed this one actually does pump out all of the water. So theres no worry with that alright guys so what i got here for a load.
Today is just to give you an idea of how how much you can put in here. I got one full size bathroom towel. One pair of cargo shorts.
Boxers t shirt. Two pairs of socks and another pair of shorts. And thats about a good size for for this so well go ahead and close the lid.
And well hit the start button. You know what let me add my soap here theres the air. But error.
I was talking about error. When the lid is open you close that back down. Ill start right back up.
So. This is gonna go ahead and fill up right now as you can see back here. It does have a it is it is using power.
And thats probably just the digital display here. It looks like its only using. 8.
Watts 8 to. 81. 82.
Watts. Before its washing as far. As the amps go.
Its almost non existent at point zero eight amps all right well just leave that at watts. Im gonna let this fill up and then ill get right back with you when it starts washing all right guys now. It isnt its wash cycle.
So again it is going to automatically go through the wash cycle. The rinse cycle and the spin cycle. Im not gonna have to do anything i just let it go now.
But i do want to show you the power consumption and i also want to show you it washing as well so im gonna lean you over so you can see whats going on here hopefully you could see that you notice.

home depot portable washing machine-2
home depot portable washing machine-2

Unlike the other wash machine the panda wash machine. This one goes back and forth much quicker. So it does not tangle close.
I have not had tangled clothes in this wash machine. Yet okay now as far as the power. We have its kind of alternating because its going quickly back and forth.
So there is a stopping power and then a start so its its kind of back and forth here now. But it is at the most as far as ive seen so far. Its only pulled at the most 170 watts.
So it looks like for each rotation right. Its around 170 and rotation left 170 and in between its stopping its not using any power really except for the lcd screen and thats why youre seeing it jump around because the monitor is not coming completely down to zero. Its just going back and forth alternating alright and lets check the amps all right on amps.
It looks like the highest is about one one seven one point seven one point seven seven one point seven two yeah so basically so the right speed would be a. We know one point seven amps and the lefts been about one point. Seven amps and then the stop in between so.
Its just jumping back and forth. And thats again why its not showing you a solid number all right so im gonna let this cycle. Go i set it for twelve minutes and then ill turn on the camera again once we get into the rinse cycle alright.
So it just started just stopped washing and right now. Its pumping the water out its draining and then its gonna go into the rinse cycle in a minute and this is at the end of the cycle. Where its draining all the water that it actually does a little bit of a spin to help drain out all of the water and this spinning feature.
While its draining. All the water uses a 166 watts or one point three eight amps and here after that drain and spin. Now its going to do two rinse cycles.
Which its going to fill it up and agitate it and then pump the water back out. And its going to do two of those cycles. Alright so it just filled up its first rinse cycle.
And now. Its going to agitate for a little while and then its going to spin out that rinse cycle alright. So here.
It is spinning out that rinse cycle. And its going to do that whole cycle one more time because i set it up for two rinses. So im not going to show that all over again alright.
So now its on the very last cycle.

home depot portable washing machine-3
home depot portable washing machine-3

Which is a spin cycle. And as you can see its using one hundred and sixty three watts and 136. Amps and now its just finishing up all right so it just completely finished its entire cycle.
There they are done the spinner is off it drained out all the water and it it beeped. I believe it beeps like five or six times to let you know its done and then it turns off by itself so basically after that its just up to you to grab your clothes out and hang them up or dry them. However you see fit and these are these are really quite dry these are cargo shorts and these are really quite dry so im gonna hang these up and then ill be right back alright so im done hanging up the clothes and lets just check the lint trap.
Yeah. See and there there is no lint on the clothes. So it did take off whatever lint.
Was was there this one this this lint trap works. Quite a bit better than the than the other one alright guys. So that is the magic chef point 9.
Cubic capacity digital wash machine as you saw it used basically the same amount of power as the other wash machine. The panda. So this thing is very energy efficient.
It actually holds quite a bit of clothes for for being point. 9 cubic feet. As you saw up there i have all the clothes that i just did that are dry and thats one load again thats a towel that is a two pairs of shorts.
Two pairs of socks. A in a t shirt and a pair of boxers. So it does quite a bit it does quite a bit for for how small it is and i believe its about thirty eight pounds.
So you can move this around just as easy this machine because of its automatic features. Where you literally just choose the washing mode and hit start just like a normal household washer this one by far. I think beats the the panda or those those models.
Where you have to get involved with each cycle. This one does all of it with the push of a button. Now i definitely recommend this one this thing is awesome.
I bought this at home depot. And it was at the home depot website. And i believe it was a hundred and sixty nine dollars or so when i got it and ive been using it for about eight months now without a single problem this thing is awesome.
I definitely recommend it it is way better than the other one and i know a lot of people are getting those those other wash machines. This is definitely a much better option it doesnt take up any more room in fact. Its kind of smaller does more does actually more load more laundry per load.
So i would recommend this i would look i would look into it if i were you guys the thing is awesome. This has made my life a lot easier doing laundry alright and that is what i wanted to show you as far as the upgrade from the previous model. Alright and you guys take care.
And have a great and wonderful day music applause music. .

home depot portable washing machine-4
home depot portable washing machine-4

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