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Todays video i show you how to wear linen aka this summers most most versatile monster stay tuned lets talk about it applause music. Whats up beautiful people nice to see your shiny faces. Im back at it again with a brand new episode and today were talking all about linen guys i have been wearing linen since the spring because frankly where i live it gets to be lazy.
Im talking about over 100 fahrenheit degrees. With of course 100 humidity. So it is crucial and pivotal that i would wear this material and im sure theres a lot of you guys out there depending on where you live.
It gets pretty hot especially in the peak of the summer. So no worries i got you covered. Were gonna be talking about some of my favorite lenin pieces as well as how to stop them.
But as per usual lets get into some of the key points in order to ensure that a you know what linen is and b you optimize the wearability ratio. Lets hop right into it linen is by far the most breathable and lightest rutile that youll ever put your hands on most like i mean at least. Its the one that i have also linen has moisture wicking and qualities which means it is less likely that youll retain any type of excess moisture and by that i mean sweat bar.
We all hate those pit stains and to be honest. It looks horrible not to mention lenin is also up to three times stronger and more durable than a hundred percent cotton. Which means youre gonna get your most bang for your buck.
Because you are gonna have a material and a fabric that its gonna last you hopefully for the years to come so a lot of these pieces were gonna talk about could be investment pieces that could be worn seasons throughout seasons. Now that being said though when every good thing comes. A couple of downsides such as that linen comes with sort of this wrinkle characteristic to it which by the way.
I think it adds more character to it because nowadays you know including myself you put such emphasis. Im always having or picture perfect clothes always looking on point.

mens white linen pants and shirts-0
mens white linen pants and shirts-0

And im a huge advocate of that dont get me wrong. But every once in a while you gotta throw in the loose laid back nonchalant vibes and i feel it when it does a phenomenal job of doing that so a couple of wrinkles here. And there never hurt nobody also another thing to note is that linen comes in a variety of different styles colors and shapes.
I actually like to go with either earth tones or soft pastels because these are the colors that are the most flattering in my opinion and can be paired up with a maximum amount of pieces and have that beautiful interchangeability ratio that i love talking about so much so with all that being said lets hop right into the first linen piece. Were gonna want to invest on this summer first up we got linen chaves guys these are gonna be your best friends this summer. Why because theyre relaxed theyre loose.
But it still makes it look love you some more dressed up that being said you could dress them up or you could dress them down more on that later in terms of the colors. I like to go with my earth tones as i said off white beige brown and green pair of but nominally with a plethora of different other colors and pieces now with my lighting trousers. Actually like to go with more of a relaxed approach let me elaborate normally with my jeans and other pans.
I actually go with no break or a slightly cropped pant but with my linen trousers. Believe it or not i actually allow for either 1 2 break all the way up to a full brick. I know its crazy and i never thought id say that but when it comes to my linen trousers thats the way i like to go about it this way itll allow me to go for 1 to 2 cups.
Depending on how long feeling it fills it up away. Im going to go with a 2 and 1 2. Cup.
Who knows guys this will allow for that nice cool yet laid back approach now if you want to go a little bit dressier. Then you can do so by implementing. Some pleats and perhaps some waist adjusters.
Now. This is a little bit tricky and a bit more bold to pull off.

mens white linen pants and shirts-1
mens white linen pants and shirts-1

But if done right can look absolutely phenomenal. I am a huge fan of retro vintage like miami vice 67 style and having a pair of pleated round with the waist adjusters does a beautiful job of them but in any case. If you want to stick with the safer route.
Then offer a casual pair and as a bonus. If you have one with a pair of drawstrings that evens better guys. This will take you from the beach.
The cheeky sundowners next up we got short never in a million years that i think i was gonna say this but when it gets to be scorching outside. There are exceptions to being may keep in mind that they are gonna be way more casual than save your trousers. So its gonna be harder to dress up that being said you can so kind of get away with it or on that a little bit later.
But as far as the overall fit between a seven to about a nine inch anything. Which will allow me to think up if im feel some tough away. Well lets go nothing on the top away and reading.
So i always tend to cuff. It at least one. I dont know just kind of gives it that laid back relaxed look.
Its not for everybody i know that. But if you wanna try something different then go for it in any case. You want the short to hit right above the knee any longer than that and were getting an abortion or territory and im not even gonna get started on that its a whole different topic ran open in that can of worms next up in terms of colors.
I like to go with a white because its classic its timeless and its gonna absorb the least amount of life possible in terms of my foot. Were actually like pairing them up with some minimal fashion sneakers or perhaps some drivers.

mens white linen pants and shirts-2
mens white linen pants and shirts-2

If you want to dress them up ever so slightly for a pair of suede drivers or perhaps an officer and you got yourself a beautiful smart casual look weve talked about bottoms now its time to get in insurance now though. This is where you gonna start to see a bled through a different option from your short sleep to your long sleep from your. But announced your manner and call the shirts.
I am sure that theres gonna be a shirt out there for you now speaking of short sleeve shirts. You know that these are gonna be a little bit more so on the casual side go with the long z and now were getting in a dressier territory. We want to strike that beautiful balance in between then you already know the mandarin collar shirt is gonna be your best friend not to mention you can pair up these long sleeve shirts with some tailoring pieces what do i mean by this blazers guys im telling you if you have a summer wedding pick up a beautiful linen shirt with a blazer and oh my you will be looking like an absolute showstopper and most likely be the best dressed chap out in the wedding in terms of color guys please feel free to spruce things up and just a little bit of color any your life.
Im talking about some soft yellow. So juicing what im wearing now perhaps a baby blue or if all fails then go with the white as its gonna be the most versatile now theres one combination that says i pulled up whats up when you pull out the full on white on white linen on some thats the miami vice of out if you feel some type of weight. Which im sure you will be pull out this ensemble in say no more now lets not forget about our tailoring.
And what do i mean by this im talking about blazers trousers things of that nature things that are gonna elevate your look to a little different extra on now. I know that a lot of us are wedding this summer. And youre gonna be asking you something now what do i win.
Well. Theres a couple of ways you can go about this one of my favorite ways to incorporate tailoring into my linen is to actually include a blazer now because its for more smarts like 70 formal occasion. We do want to add a little bit of structure.
And because lenin tends to have that regular characteristic. The way that i go about this is specifically with my blazers is an off for a half blind blazer with a soft shoulder. Because if you go with a completely online and no shoulder padding at all then this is gonna get wrinkled up.
And its gonna be a hot mess. Well youll get the best of both worlds.

mens white linen pants and shirts-3
mens white linen pants and shirts-3

Youll have a nice breathable blazer. But itll have a little bit of structure. As well as which would be perfect for your smarter.
If occasion now you can also play tailoring with your trousers. You go to some pleated traveling with the size of jesters and that too will create more of a tailored approach and last but certainly not the least lets not forget our footwear. What type of footwear are we gonna be pairing up with our linen well theres a variety of different options.
I like to go with either espadrilles drivers moccasins or some sort of minimal fashion. See if youre going with a sneaker than offer a very clean minimal silhouette. A leather or suede either one will work if youre going with drivers feel free to have a little bit of fun and spruce things up in terms of the color.
I like the wild guys i like to go with red love it i got some lumber loafers. I got a navy loafers. So by all means have a little fun with it and did i mention that wearing drivers and moccasins will elevate the look and will allow you to dress it up ever so slight or if you want to go with the most classical laid back approach then just pair him up with some nice espadrilles earth tone preferably as these are gonna be the most versatile in the end.
Ill go about it in two different ways if were going with the statement shoe. You know that the plum. Theyre in the room talking about and thats gonna go with a subdued outfit.
Let the shoot do the talking now it goes. A little bit more subdued. Say an extra job perhaps like a brown driver then ill go with the full on tonal approach.
These are my two ways that i like to go about my foot work with my linen and thats all i have for you guys today hopefully you enjoyed this video and found new ways to wear your linen this summer. If you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a big thumbs up subscribe. If you havent already found your point and link will be down in description.
I provided with daily heat and content as always ill see you in my next one music. .

mens white linen pants and shirts-4
mens white linen pants and shirts-4

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