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Downtown st paul minnesota for the 2019 food truck festival. Im john ashton and and this is what america eats music in the last several years nothing in the world a scene arise. Quite like the food truck.
It only makes sense that it be a gathering so celebrates these mobile eateries in the aptly named uptown neighborhood of minneapolis. There exists a festival that does just that every year nearly six dozen food trucks meet for one of the twin cities. Most popular and delicious free events to understand more about the origins of this festival.
I met with jess one of the festivals organizers want to come here and how many trucks a year today forty and theres all different types of cuisine everything that you can think of from hibachi sushi. Weve got macaroni and cheese. New homemade pies.
I mean. Its incredible why do you think this has grown so much this festival originally when the festival was started it was 2013 and it was just in uptown minneapolis. We decided to expand on that and so now we have three events and it just gives all these different people from all the outskirts of the twin cities.
A chance to come and enjoy them yeah experience food trucks when they normally wouldnt theres lots of stuff to see and do here and we also have all sorts of local businesses. Really weve got a mobile men salon is there any foods that shes try to capture the local here in minnesota. We really like our taters say to talk specifically tater tot hot dish its like a casserole okay.
But it we call it hotness thanks very much i think im ready to go and get some food good. I can smell it im getting hungry. Where should i head to first i would after unequivocally accepting jessas recommendation.
We headed straight to our first visit of the day top bus. I wants to check in with the trucker. Dan dokken.
Dan or as we call you here. Tatertot bus. Here in minnesota.
They call it the tater tot hot dish and is it because of that do you think youve got the longest line. I dont know if its because of the hotness or because of the tax. But its because everythings made with love here at hot boss is that okay so what are we trying today this is the loaded tots are scratch made gluten free cheese sauce bacon crumbles sour cream and try over tops.

food truck festivals of america-0
food truck festivals of america-0

It just remind you of a loaded potato. But its got such a crunch to me right. And the bacon is nice and crispy as well thats a great dish.
Why do you think people in minnesota. Love tater tots come to us in elementary school and mom make wiener bad habit of going up when i started a food truck eight years ago. I knew is gonna be tater tots now did you always want to have a food truck no actually i was a cabinet maker for 30 years economy yeah what do you love about this food truck festival.
The people here are amazing minnesotans come on like crazy for these things theyre so much fun. And this is delicious. But be today again i certainly loaded my tummy with those tufts.
What we were only scratching the surface of this festival dan suggested we try the rebel lobster truck owner lena thomas was nice enough to show us how one of their signature dishes is made it seems surprising to see a lobster roll in minnesota. Italian girl born and raised in minnesota had never heard of a lobster roll and we he described it to me. I heard blah blah blah.
Cold lobster hotdogs on and i said nope another chance. And then he made one for me and have the folks here the festival today. I notice youve got lobster tater tots.
I think this would do well in england. Its a real twist on fishing ships because its got the ocean and its got the fry such brightness from my pico the lime the crunch on that tater tots between the lobsters perfectly cooked. I think we should start making some for the customers the orders are coming in four ounces of lobster coming up three point two three point five six point seven.
So we get the tape stops nice and brown yeah and drain them coming guys tossing my tots lobsters coming on top pico de gallo. The magic is in the butter making sure it goes on that lobster and a little bit on those tater tots two scoops pico de gallo hows that lets go outside and see what people think of my lobster. This is the lobster tater tot.
Tell me. What you thought ah wow. Barna.
Were doing good so tell us what you feel fantastic. I thought the lime really ties. It together i like it a lot there was still so much more to see and eat our next stop.

food truck festivals of america-1
food truck festivals of america-1

The butcher. Sol truck. Owner.
Gene. Cutter was nice enough to share with us one of her bestsellers and her amazing smile. Tell us what weve got today popular is a butcher slider.
Theres two of them. Cheese bacon. Oh lily baby arugula in the burger is fresh thyme.
Oh a toasted bun. Im the small so its not a big thing youre not gonna stuff yourself no ones coming through the fresh thyme. Thats something you dont normally see in a burger.
Sure where did your inspiration come from ive had a lot of burgers in my day. My favorite ones are the ones that arent just a patty. So theres more to it what made you get a food truck.
It looked like fun not a good reason to quit your job. I love it here are six. What do you love about this food truck festival.
Oh like all of the people. There is not a sad face its just good vibes. When i see your smile and your passion for food.
This is what youre meant to do its phenomenal to say its making me smile absolutely thanks my dear absolutely incredible we got to taste this earlier. I really want to spend im asking the festival goers what theyve tried today and what they love most about this event. What food have you tried today mac and cheese.
I love mac and cheese they look at me what do you love about this festival. Nice isnt it whats been your favorite food. Weve only tried three things i think the egg roll well the fish or the mac and cheese laughter.

food truck festivals of america-2
food truck festivals of america-2

I like it as we learned earlier in the day his eventual cases trucks that dont just serve food and even though this is what america eats. We wants to feature some of these amazing businesses on our show. As well rugged good looks so.
At a food truck festival culture. So we are a mobile men salon and poland. My two sisters feed my sister shes a hair stylist and im the head girl.
But we bought our airstream in 2017 maybe that last year. Youve been in a scalp massage. Get shampoo are you looking to festival.
Yes. Its just fun. Theres people walking by and see pablo is so pretty with the park the music like right there thats fire favorite.
We started in may like itll take us a month. Got it really youre the sister hows the cut coming now tell me when you set out this morning. Did you know youre going to get your hair cut an escape route mobile escaper in the middle of a food festival our particular games youre not necessarily escaping.
Youre trying to find objects. Give all these clues you know what i love about it you can escape the hot song. Its nice and curl.
Youve got a fan in the air yeah i love it its brilliant. The food truck business model is built for variety evidence by this amazing group of trucks gathered at this festival. Theres literally something here for everyone.
Even if you arent hungry you can escape from an escape room get your hair cut and if that hasnt got your appetite going i dont know what will then you can head to the top bus. But i think i might get under the basket of those lobster tops to take back to liverpool. I think.
Its gonna take me a while to escape from this room. So i better say goodbye for now until next time. Im john ashton.
This is what america eats. Ill see you soon music. .

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food truck festivals of america-3

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