To Kill a Mockingbird Character Analysis – Atticus

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Novel to kill a mockingbird is going to have strong characterization. Whenever. Its most most praised characters is atticus finch.
A highly respected lawyer and the father of scout jem atticus is in his 50s wears glasses. And is tall with gray and black hair the name atticus is often seen related to something wise. Such as the philosopher titus atticus.
What makes atticus so memorable is his strong belief in justice. Hes compassionate and forgiving courageous and is a good father his philosophical and gentle nature continues to warm readers heart. I guess is a man of conscience.
Who strongly believes in justice when he is avoiding to tom robinsons case. An african american man accused of raping a young white girl he works diligently to give tom the strongest defense. He can because he believes a tom robinson is innocent.
He does so knowing that he will most likely not win since prejudice is common in maycomb alabama. He does not let this hinder him from trying his best and doing what he thinks is right. It is clear that atticus believes that the justice system should turn a blind eye to skin color.

who is simon finch in to kill a mockingbird-0
who is simon finch in to kill a mockingbird-0

So that everyone is treated fairly tarkus is a very compassionate which allows him to sympathize and forgive readily. Furthermore. He tries to instill these traits into his children hell get along a lot better with all kinds of folks you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.
Until you climb into a skin and walk around in it atticus not only explains to his children. What empathy is but he also sets examples for them to follow. When bob ewell spits in atticuss face and threatens him.
He calmly takes. It atticus tells jem to stand in bob ewell shoes for a minute to understand him and his actions better i destroyed his last shred of credibility at that trial. The man had to have some kind of comeback.
So spitting in my face and threatening me save me lau one extra beating. Thats something ill gladly take he had to take it out on somebody. And id rather meet in that house full of children up.
There atticus is more than happy to help bob ewell reconciled by being spat on if it meant protecting the ewell children from their father. He understands that compassion is based on sympathy and being able to put yourself in other peoples shoes and having the ability to understand why they act the way they do even. If you dont agree with it a kiss has a tremendous amount of moral and physical courage atticus prepares to defend a black man knowing that it will harm his reputation and encourage ridicule he puts himself against the prejudice and making county and exposes himself to difficult times.

who is simon finch in to kill a mockingbird-1
who is simon finch in to kill a mockingbird-1

He chooses to face these hardships. Because he wants to see real social justice in his community this testifies his moral courage. Which is shown repeatedly throughout the book for the more he shows physical courage when he stands unarmed in front of the link mob to protect tom robinson with courage she risks his own life while honoring his moral principles in his lifetime atticus has gained much knowledge about proper human behavior and continuously instills his big values and morals into his children.
He is kind but fair and stern. He treats them like adults and with respect. He makes sure to answer all their questions.
Honestly he uses these opportunities to share his morals and values with scout and jem when atticus takes the case of tom robinson. The habitants in macon county. Start talking scout and jem eventually hear about this and ask atticus about it theyre entitled to think that theyre entitled to full respect for their opinions.
But before i could live with other folks. Ive got to live with myself the one thing that doesnt abide by majority rule is a persons conscience atticus explains his children now one must live with what he chooses before he can please everyone else atticus knows that tom robinson will not get a free trial because he is black. But because atticus believes tom to be innocent.
He works as hard as to fight for justice regardless of what people say. Furthermore. Atticus is concerned for fairness as a lawyer.

who is simon finch in to kill a mockingbird-2
who is simon finch in to kill a mockingbird-2

Often is seen with his children. A scout tells uncle jack when gemini fuss atticus doesnt ever just listen to jem side of it here is mine. Too this shows that ad kiss has the patience to hear both sides of the story.
He realizes that that there are children and that they will make childish mistakes and assumptions. But is still willing to understand them atticus is often seen as a moral backbone of the story. Because one of his main roles is to be a teacher to scavenge em.
He teaches in values and morals. They need for life and tries to shape them into mature young adults. He not only reveals these lessons through words.
But by his actions as well in this way atticus becomes epitome of what the novel teaches his drive can be seen when scout says. I thought john and i would get grown. But there wasnt much else for a solar except possibly algebra.
The shows that since atticus has succeeded in teaching the major life lessons scout understands that knowledge which can be learned from school such as algebra is important but not in the same way as lessons i can be implemented in every facet of life our cases influence on the other characters is very heavy notably. He makes a jury think about their verdict for a full hour in representing tom robinson. Fairly in this way atticus is the condons of the novel.
Hes a voice of reason. That makes scout and jem think hes the one they fear if they know they have been immoral you .

who is simon finch in to kill a mockingbird-3
who is simon finch in to kill a mockingbird-3

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