Top 10 Creepiest McDonald’s Commercials

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May well be one of the best ways to get customers through your doors. But but sometimes not all commercials hit the spot. They were intended for and some are outright terrifying here are our top 10 creepiest mcdonalds commercials.
The first ronald mcdonald going all the way back to mcdonalds roots. One of the first pieces of branding genius was those two glorious golden arches. Very quickly.
The golden arches became a symbol of not only mcdonalds but good family food. So when mcdonalds wanted to come up with another great gimmick. They choose a mascot in the shape of ronald mcdonald.
Over the years. Ronald has come under a lot of fire as more children seem to be frightened of clowns than love them. If any of the kids today watched the very first ronald mcdonald commercial.
They would definitely choose thefrightened of clowns category and they will not be rushing to mcdonalds anytime soon while the release of ronald mcdonald to the world was supposed to be whimsical and fun it came out creepy and terrifying with his straw hair. Cardboard hat cup for a nose. And that crazy face paint.
It really is a wonder. How ronald mcdonald has lasted so long originally the commercial was in black and white. Which actually does soften the terror.
A little once they released it in color ronald mcdonald became a truly terrifying clown japanese scare fest ok so this one isnt an official mcdonalds commercial its actually a japanese parody. But it could possibly be one of the creepiest and most haunting parody commercials ever its no secret that sometimes clowns are scary. Even when they are trying to be nice and playful.
There is just something about the make up and fake smiles that freak not just children out. But all of us this japanese parody takes that fact and brings us clown terror. That stephen king himself would be proud of the short starts with the famous mcdonalds clown trying to break into a young womans apartment scratching at the door and unhooking the chain.
He can then be seen outside her window. And then as if we couldnt see this coming the clown claws at the young girl from under the bed. Not too long after this a rise inclown crime.
was reported with many people actually blaming this commercial at least partly on the sudden crime wave. The backlash was so strong that mcdonalds actuallyrested the real ronald mcdonald and kept him out of the spotlight for a long. While im not lovin.
It weve seen entries on this list that are genuine commercials and weve seen parodys but what about commercials that are in protest of the fast food giants. Theim not lovin it movement is one such campaign trying to change and expose mcdonalds for how they run their restaurants and their food the im not lovin it campaign wants to highlight how badly mcdonalds treats their chickens. The humane league which runs the campaign has spent a lot of time and money on media.
Coverage eye. Catching stunts and ambitious advertising campaigns in order to stop mcdonalds from treating their chickens.

who is the woman in the mcdonalds commercial-0
who is the woman in the mcdonalds commercial-0

So poorly one such campaign was about showing us that a happy meal isnt so happy there were a few ads in this campaign. One shows images of what mcdonalds does to their live chickens. Another has ronald mcdonald talking to the camera in an eerie voice.
All the while covering his face with his hands. He then removes his hands to reveal his shocking makeup and pronouncing that he is not our friend. But by far the creepiest of these commercials is when ronald mcdonald is sitting down for lunch with a little girl.
Ronald passes. Her a happy meal with some sweet and chirpy music playing in the background. The little girl looks inside the box.
And then the music changes a horror sounding tune plays and ronalds face goes from happy to sinister not only that but not a single word is uttered. Which makes this a truly terrifying commercial is this a hat commercial on our list of creepiest mcdonalds commercials. We have searched long and hard for those strange and sometimes scary commercials.
However as well as the scary ones. We have also come across commercials that are just plain bizarre. This is one of those it seems that tvs are littered with commercials that try to be artsy and although they may look good they dont tell you anything about the product.
Its advertising in this mcdonalds commercial. A young woman is trying on a hat. She loves trying on that hat and she shows it thats the commercial.
A woman trying on a hat and then right at the very end the golden arches come up we know that the golden arches are one of the most famous logos in the world. But still is this really your commercial mcdonalds at no point is there any food shown on the screen. No ronald mcdonald no happy little theme tune just a woman who loves her hat this one may not be scary.
But it sure is crazy speechless thoughts. If there is one thing that goes hand in hand together then it must be commercials and celebrities. If ever a company wants to sell us its latest product.
Then they usually roll out a popular celebrity to promote it and that in itself makes their product desirable to us this strategy. Works and has worked for decades. However sometimes a company can get it slightly wrong.
When it comes to their celebrity endorsements and one such campaign was mcdonaldsspeechless thoughts commercials rather than being desirable and making us want more this celebrity filled campaign came off as weird and kind of creepy. The advert had a series of celebrities. Including john goodman.
Gabrielle union and nba legend charles barkley. All of whom are seen enjoying a quarter pounder this sounds like it should be great. But it wasnt the adverts consisted of the celebrities eating the burger.
But nothing else just a close up of them slowly enjoying their meal with extra chewing sound effects. Watching anyone eat a burger in silence.

who is the woman in the mcdonalds commercial-1
who is the woman in the mcdonalds commercial-1

For 30 seconds. While they over exaggerate just how good. It is is enough to make any of us cringe let alone if its a celebrity.
The second part of this campaign. Had john goodman do a voice over in front of a woman. Eating a quarter pounder.
The voice was in a very low whispered tone and creeped a lot of people out. Although it does have to be said that many found the commercial. Quite exciting with the rosanne star coming off as more arousing than creepy.
Well let you guys be the judge of that mac tonight. Todays society. Is full of hotbed.
Topics and issues that are constantly being looked. At and talked about while some areas of the world moves on at breakneck speed. Some areas fail to keep up the media industry.
Has had many issues with many social topics and stereotypes that they try hard to address. But sometimes still fall short whether its in movies music or tv. The media.
Sometimes doesnt hit the right notes with people and can come across as prejudice or even derogatory sometimes. However this isnt the medias fault. And it is just a product of a different time because of the nature of society.
And how quickly it can change. Sometimes what was once considered acceptable and popular will now look extremely dated and even offensive. One such example of this is mcdonaldsmac tonight add campaign back in the mid 1980s mcdonalds were looking to infiltrate another avenue.
Not just content on cornering. The breakfast and lunch. Menus.
Mcdonalds wanted to conquer the dinner market and make mcdonalds a place to go for a nice evening meal and they needed a mascot to fit. This new direction. The way mcdonalds did this was to dress a man up in a suit and put a white crescent moon on his head and have him sing a parody of bobby darinsmack.
The knife at the time. The campaign was actually quite popular and even spawned a slightly alarmingmoon man happy meal toy. However viewed in todays light.
Themoon man looks creepy and in extremely poor taste interestingly. This campaign.

who is the woman in the mcdonalds commercial-2
who is the woman in the mcdonalds commercial-2

Didnt get pulled off the air for any of those reasons. It was actually the estate of bobby darin that stopped it by suing mcdonalds they didnt want this mascot associated with darins biggest hit burger king. Sometimes an advert can come out that is specifically designed to scare us not only scare us.
But force us not to use the product and even boycott the brand altogether. What you may ask is the point of such a commercial well. If youre a leading burger company.
Then you are automatically in competition. With mcdonalds and will probably lose so a good way to get customers through your doors is to start a smear campaign against your rivals. And thats exactly what burger king did one of severaltrolling campaigns against mickey d.
s. Involved. The infamous clown.
Using halloween burger king. Urged people to dress up as clowns because clowns are scary obviously and anyone that did wear a clown costume. Got a free whopper cleverly using the taglinecome as a clown.
Eat like a king burger king. Put out a 90 second advert on social media to promote this and to re enforce how scary. Clowns are the commercial itself has a young boy biking through the eerie streets at night time.
While being chased by a hoard of clowns cut inside a burger king to see. Ronald mcdonald standing in the dark. Telling us.
Hewants his whopper. The whole commercial is terrifying and perfectly designed to dig at mcdonalds most famous mascot. Anothertrolling campaign from burger king was to jump on the back of stephen kings it after the movie.
Was released burger king. Added. The linethe morale is never trust.
A clown just before the end credits. What did he just do sometimes the best commercials and ad campaigns are the ones that make us laugh. They are the ones that poke fun at the world and themselves and they do so with charm and wit and that makes us all want to rush out and buy their product.
There are however times when a company wants to come across as charming and witty. But misses the mark by a long way one of thesemissed marks came from mcdonalds in this commercial. A young couple are having a nice life they go out on boats.
They have hot dates and they seem to like ending most of their days. With mcdonalds and this whole montage is done to meatloafsi will do anything for love.

who is the woman in the mcdonalds commercial-3
who is the woman in the mcdonalds commercial-3

What a perfect life that should have been the commercial really who wouldnt want that life however when the couple sits down to eat their favorite mcdonalds meal. The young lady leans over and takes a french fry from her partner hes less than impressed. But rather than saying.
Something or tell her off the guy angrily grabs her wrist and continues to bat her away what follows is a strange kung fu scene in which the loving couple beat each other up we know this was supposed to betongue in cheek. But it just comes across as creepy and wrong on so many levels. The secret service big brother is watching you and you have to do what they say or else.
This kind of notion has been at the center of many books and movies over the years. The idea that some agency or government is not only watching you but controlling everything you do and you cant dare defy them as the consequences will be dire. Many people believe that this isnt just a subject for good storytelling.
But is a reality in many countries maybe because of this. It is very apt to have thisbig brother theme in a mcdonalds commercial. Were not so sure over in isreal.
The mcdonalds team decided to have a us government agency. Forcing young people out of their homes in the middle of the night manhandling them from the cinema and putting them in the backs of vans and forcing them to work in mcdonalds all to serve george w. Bush.
A big mac meal. What the whole commercial is glossy and slick and does look like a super cool action movie. But were not really sure what the point is are the workers criminals are they being punished by having to work at mcdonalds is mcdonalds the government is the us bad whatever their point was this commercial came across as genuinely sinister and not an inviting advertisement to eat at mcdonalds wait is ronald mcdonald sexy.
Were not sure if this is creepy weird or just wrong the mcdonalds clown mascot has been many things over the years hes been lovable playful a kids hero. And even sometimes. Hes been a little creepy and scary.
Whatever he has been to people we cant deny that ronald mcdonald is one of the most successful mascots of all time. But has ronald mcdonald ever been a sex symbol. We didnt think so but apparently.
It was tried and with very mixed results over in japan. Mcdonalds introduced us to a new kind of mascot and had the famous clown recast as a woman. The commercial displays.
The female ronald in his famous yellow and red outfit. Only this young ladys outfit shows far more skin. The commercial has her eating a burger in slow motion.
Whilst intermittently strutting across the screen. The ad looks like it should be advertising. Something on those specialgrown up channels and not every familys favorite.
Fast food restaurant at least give us some warning next time stick around weve got more great videos on our menu just tap that screen. Its that easy and if youre new to our channel show us some love hit that subscribe button and ring that bell to join our notification squad. .

who is the woman in the mcdonalds commercial-4
who is the woman in the mcdonalds commercial-4

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