Top 10 Quarterbacks in MADDEN MOBILE!!

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Is going on youtube welcome back to another madame old video and today. Imm bringing you guys. The top ten cubies and madding mobile.
Before we do up this video make sure you guys do drop it like and subscribe for more great content and if you guys are not like to subscribe you guys are gonna miss sounds a great content so if everyone wants to sub in then why dont you guys so. But so basically here i got ten players written down on a piece of paper. You guys cant see the paper of course.
And i got the best qb to like the worst well top ten is not the worst. But its the least best okay. But if you guys want to see another episode like this i can do with water severs like top ten wide receivers top ten half bag so whatever you guys want comment down below lets hop right into it number ten guys i got up on here.
Which number ten is the worst out of all of them. But still theyre still not bad cards top ten. I would say is jared golf 97 overall car.
So ill give you guys my reason. Why i think this is the worst which dont think hes on the auction house. Now you might have got bought.
But there was a 97. Jared golf signature here it is so the reason for this is his speeds low compared to all the other qb is he his stats are a little bit lower by like two so the awareness is decent thats 96 whatever that is agility is i mean agility for qb doesnt really matter unless you want to scramble 85 acceleration. So overall this cards not bad.
But im gonna put him for number 10 just because other cars theres other cards that have like a lot better stats. And this car is only in 97. As well so i mean.
Theres gonna be better cubies in the future that are like higher overall. But whats going to number 9 guys number 9. Is daniel jones.
So you guys may have seen this card on the auction house before its a decent card. But i dont know i feel like hes tasking them in a lot better so hes got 81 speed. Which is low 80 ability and 80 a celebration which that kind of kills.
It though because like you think about it if he gets if the off its a line cant hold i got defensive end and they get past theres no shot daniel shaw is gonna get away from that but his awareness and throw power are really nice everything honestly his other stats are great. But the thing about his card is the acceleration like that does really matter for a qb because if its almost acing them down and they cant accelerate quick enough then theyre gonna get sacked so thats why i put him for number nine number eight guys we have coming in is baker mayfield. All right so we got baker mayfield.

who is the fastest qb in madden mobile-0
who is the fastest qb in madden mobile-0

So this card is actually pretty hard to get. But if you guys are willing to spend almost a million to get him it might be worth it all right so the head to head one um. So hes got eighty one speed eighty.
Nine agility. Which is instant paddle assess good eighty. Five celebration.
Ninety. Four awareness ninety four throw power ninety seven. Is it throw action sure i think yeah.
But overall. I mean not a bad card. The reason he came for number eight is because the celebration was a lot higher and the agility was a lot higher than the daniel jones and look at his stats.
Overall. Hes not a bad qb at all. Hes got a better carry that myq me now.
But i might have to pick up one of these cubies which i know what im going getting pick up. But you guys probably know the next card. We have up for number seven is eli manning so eli man it did retire this year.
So they gave him a career contribute or tribute where they call it this car. Its surprisingly not that expensive and in my opinion. Yeah.
Hes got low speed agility in celebration. But ive seen game play this card and he just throws dots just look at these stats down. Here.
The reason. Hes number seven is because his stats down here are 20 times better than the other ones. I shown i seen videos of the gameplay with them and hes absolutely insane he cant really run as much.
But thats honestly it does matter for a qb to run both you have a good offensive line in this game. You shouldnt really have a problem. Because you should be able just throw darts with eli for number six guys we have kurt warner.

who is the fastest qb in madden mobile-1
who is the fastest qb in madden mobile-1

If you guys dont know who that is its a legend player hes from the rams. If im sure hes from the rams. All right so hes a 98 overall qb look at his stats.
All above 80s. So thats why i chose him and also his awareness is really high all these stats down. Here are 94 plus.
Which the other cars. I shown only had like 90 like 90 plus. I think that was it this card is really sick to have as well because you could also upgrade him to a 100 overall.
If you dont want to do that you could just wait for one to drop you can also get this player from these sets from the ultimate legend sets. Which i think you could still complete so go ahead and do that for number five guys we have russell wilson alright. So a lot of you guys be coming to my stream saying i should snag russell wilson or snipe him or to whatever in my opinion.
Its a good card. But and like one thing. I really dont like about it is that the speed is you would say its not that low.
But it kind of is compared to the other cubes. Im gonna show you um. Its a little bit slower than the other ones.
But this card in general if you guys are breaking even if you guys want to get a good qb underneath a million coins definitely pick up russell wilson alright. This is the closest card youre ever gonna get to look a fast good throwing qb alright. Hes got nine he wants to be 96 agility 94 sell ratio 94 awareness 94 throw power and you guess see all those other stats but yeah this card is a beast so coming in for number 4.
We have cam newton so you guys are probably asking why they put him in the number one or even higher up. Because hes number four youll see why but for him new in the reason. You didnt put it most high because you cant get him right now till this date.
So its kind of hard to get him. So thats why i put him at number four. But this card is actually its absurd so look at his stats.
Hes kind of almost got the same stats. As russell wilson. So i mean maybe hes got a little higher stats.

who is the fastest qb in madden mobile-2
who is the fastest qb in madden mobile-2

But if you guys are looking to pick up a really good qb a lot of people telling me good things about this card. So thats why i put him as number four you got nice two speed nine three agility 92 acceleration 96 awareness 98 throw power and he got all these other stats and yeah so for number three guys. The card that everyones been hyping up the last couple years this cars been good every year.
And i think hes gonna continue to say that way we got michael vick. This year. I feel like he kind of died like dieting price and like hes not expensive anymore cuz.
I remember back then he used to be like 10 mil more than that now hes gonna like you can snag him for like a million if you wanted to but this is the ninety eight overall. But there is also one hundred overalls that people have and they also sell for like i would say about three nah. I was gonna say i was gonna say three million.
But i mean theres a potential. Ive seen a couple cars for 100 before for three mil. But you could get this card for cheap like i said hes got 94 celerys in 96 agility 96 acceleration 97 awareness 90 throw power 96 test and just look at all the other stats cards actually insane.
Its also really cool to have a michael vick on your team because look at the card art as well his card art is actually nice but overall. I say if you guys wanted to pick up a michael vick go for the 100 overall. Because his stats are 20 tons better than this one pretty sure his speed gets up to went.
96. And everything else is like a 98 for number two guys we have pat mahomes. So you guys are probably questioning this one because of his speed all right so theres a bunch of pack for homes you keep the 97 which is 82 speed.
But his throw stature a nice. But if you wanted to pick up a good pat mahomes. I say try to go for the 100 overall this card is really cheap when it comes to life.
I think after noon in the afternoon. His price drops down to at least two million for this hundred overall and just look at his statue 285s. We 8087 acceleration 287 agility alright.
Honestly it doesnt matter he could still be any like defensive and if your offensive line is good like i said youre fine. But look at his throwing stats like this guy would throw dots 99. Awareness.
99 throw. Power 96. Has 95 96.

who is the fastest qb in madden mobile-3
who is the fastest qb in madden mobile-3

And a 99 in my opinion. This has hes got the best throwing stats in the game right now actually for number 1. I think he might number 1 might actually have a little bit better.
But well say but this car if youre looking for a good throwing card and then thats cheap pick up pat mahomes. If youre number 1 you guys definitely know who this is now 100 you guys know whos coming in top number 1. But before i show you if you guys made it this far in the video go ahead and comment down in the comment section position p o s.
I t. I owe and position alright for number 1 guys i put lamar jackson this card. Everyone knows is gonna be tough one so there is a 98 overall one which look at his stats.
The 98 is insane all right 98 speed 98. Agility 98. Acceleration.
98. Wareness 95 throw power 97 has just look at those stats. That is just god to your everything you cant go wrong with lamar jackson anyways.
But if you guys are looking for a fast qb like this this qb can outrun any offensive. Just anything any defense. You can outrun anything you could even like just stop using your halfback.
It just use lamar. It might be worth just selling your whole team get in lamar and i mean i am definitely trying to cop this card for a video. Though im trying to get to 100 overall.
Know which theres a hundred of version of this mvp card which im trying to get. But i have to wait a little bit till people drop them ive had a couple chances to buy him. But i kind of like slept on them so ill try to get him.
And ill try to get some gameplay with him so you guys could see. But before i end this video make sure you guys comment down below. What you guys thought about the top 10 players.
If you guys saw. I should have switched around a couple players or you think this players are missing that should be top 10 comment down below your top 10 just make like a little thin. You could i say and like i said subscribe.
If you guys are know and ill see you guys next time boys take. .

who is the fastest qb in madden mobile-4
who is the fastest qb in madden mobile-4

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