Top 10 Reasons NOT to move to Columbus, Ohio. You’ll need a car and insurance.

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Is going on everyone welcome back to the channel. How about today we talk about about a city in ohio. That isnt one of the worst in the country columbus is the state capital in the most populous city in the state of ohio.
Columbus is right here almost dead center in ohio. It carries a few nicknames including the discovery city the arch city cow town and the biggest small town in america. The arch city has just under 900 thousand residents with about two million in the metro area.
It was settled in 1812 columbus is the best city in the state of ohio. But really when your competition is cleveland and cincinnati are you really the best at anything. Its like being the head of the class at summer school.
It is a college town columbus is home to ohio state university. One of the largest college campuses in the united states columbus has some history it was named after an italian immigrant named christopher and during the civil war columbus was a major base for the union army it housed. 26000 troops and held up to 9000.
Confederate prisoners of war at camp chase. Which is now a neighborhood called hilltop neighborhood in west columbus. People are moving to columbus.
Theyve always had growth since they started recording in 1830 not sure if those confederate soldiers were counted. But theyve always had growth. Theyve never had any real down years the biggest small town in america is not a bad place to live.
But like every city or state. Its not for everyone and theres some things that might not agree with people im gonna list some things you might want to know before you relocate in my top ten reasons not to move to columbus ohio. Music.
Number ten taxes taxes in columbus seemed to always be rising. The state has a base income tax and a sales tax then the local areas can implement an additional tax if theyre in the mood and columbus is always in the mood. The state income tax tops at four point nine nine seven percent columbus has a local tax of two point five percent.
That means for some people youre getting bent over for seven point four nine seven percent as for sales tax. The state puts their base sales tax at five point seven five percent while columbus adds. An extra one point seven five making the sales tax about seven point five percent.
Is it the worst in the country. No does it suck yes should this stop you from moving. Here.
Thats up to you just remember a lot of the hours. You work are going to the state and the local government number nine. Its a major city.
If youre looking to move to an area that has everything you need like in a major city. But still have that small town feel forget columbus. Its not the place for you this city is very busy.
And its also the states capital columbus. Is also the fifteenth largest city in the country right behind san francisco with just under nine hundred thousand residents they call it the biggest small town in america. But really thats not true anymore.
It used to be a medium sized city with a small town feel those days are long gone with all the transplants and everything like that in the last five or so years the average commute. Time is jumped the average commute time in the arch city is forty nine point two minutes. And that was as of 2018.
And thats up from forty three point seven minutes in 2014. Number eight game day traffic. Dont get stuck in game day traffic.
Thats the best piece of advice. I can give you for dealing with columbus. The absolute worst time to be on the roads is right before a home game.
And right after a home game drive anywhere you want during the game. Because the roads are pretty much vacant these people take football.

how far is it to columbus ohio-0
how far is it to columbus ohio-0

Very seriously if you do decide to go to a game. Identifies you to take a taxi lift or an uber whatever you do dont wear blue or yellow thats the rivals color. Michigan wolverines and typing i know technically its blue and maze.
But maze is yellow okay i just did one of those people that doesnt think you should wear colors that are also food purple is fine cranberry is not pink. Yes salmon. No tan yes cream never number seven allergies it might be a good idea to stock up on some allergy medicine.
Before moving to columbus. Many report experienced an increase than the amount of allergy symptoms after moving here nobody in the history of allergies has ever reported that their allergies got better since moving to columbus. And thats a fact that i just kind of made up.
But the fact is the citys actually been called the allergy capital of the world number six pollution like all big cities you have pollution try as you might you always have pollution. The state of ohio. Doesnt have a good history.
When it comes to taking care of the environment. Anyway. The pollution index in columbus is three hundred and twenty six percent worse than the national average.
The good news is they dont have bad air quality. Its actually better than the national average. So i dont know where their pollution index why its so high maybe they need it i dont know quit dumping crude oil into the river or something maybe pick up some trash occasionally number five crime.
A high crime rate is something. Columbus has had for years like most other big cities. Columbus has a problem with both property and violent crimes.
The property crime rate is about 57 percent higher than the national average while violent crime rate is about 29 percent higher. Which unfortunately is still higher than the ohio average how do you get a higher crime rate than the states average. When youre up against cleveland toledo.
Cincinnati and places like that its crazy. I dont understand that one at all if you google the news for columbus. Ohio.
Two things will stand out they have a lot of people shooting up cars and people seem to go missing. A whole lot oddly a bunch of the missing people turn up safe a couple hours later or day. Later or something like that its like theyre too trigger happy.
There. With the whole filing a missing person report. You know maybe you should pump the brakes a little bit before you file that report you know claiming your husbands been missing for hours you dont know where he is and it just turns out.
Hes at a strip club down the road or something like that the police come in theyre asking the strippers have you seen this man showing a little picture of him oh yeah hes getting a lap dance from cinnamon right now they find him bring him home number four the weather weather in columbus can be crazy during the cold months. The city can be pretty depressing. The city gets only about 178 days of sun.
Every single year which is less than half of the year on average of the city gets about 40 inches of rain and about 22 inches of snow. Every single year and the average low in january is about 20 degrees. They have more than their fair share of grey skies.
Gray skies can be depressing. It will wear on you more. And more each day finally youre sitting in traffic for your forty nine point seven minute commute total gray skies above you and youre mumbling to yourself.
Why do i live here. Why do i live here there has to be a better way to live you look over and you see a man his head hung low obviously depressed. Hes walking down the side of the road as he gets closer to your car you hear mumble she called the police while i was getting a lap dance and then he shuffles on past your car almost crying thats just a normal day while commuting in columbus number three visiting columbus columbus.
Isnt the place to go for a vacation or any type of tourist thing unless youre really into sports. Many complain that once they move here theyll always have to go visit their family rather than their family coming to visit them because theres really not much to do most things to do like i said involve sports. Ohio state games minor league baseball.
The clippers and the nhl team the blue jackets after that you have a casino. Some golf courses and really nice zoo from what i understand ive never been there.

how far is it to columbus ohio-1
how far is it to columbus ohio-1

But i hear its nice. But really nothing big ohio is to the best amusement parks in the country with cedar point. Near cleveland and kings island near cincinnati.
What does columbus have a miniature golf course maybe as far as nightlife goes. I watched a video on youtube. Where a girl explained that nightlife in columbus verse her old hometown of chicago.
She said finding bigfoot is easier than finding a good time in columbus at night number two the lack of nature. One thing. That columbus lacks great lees nature.
Although theres various parks in the city and the scioto river runs straight through town. Which is really never a bad thing. Unless of course youve ever been in a flood.
Those people get a little nervous around rivers. Youll only see buildings and traffic for several miles in this day. And age.
When everyone is hiking mountain biking. Another outdoor stuff. Columbus is really lacking in this department.
Thankfully. The wayne national forest is just an hour and a half outside the city. But really its an hour and a half away and thats kind of sucks.
But if youre like 20 years old living in your parents house. Playing fort night 18 hours a day all jacked up on mountain dew code. Red.
This is great news. Your friends wont be trying to get you out to do things. Like hike and mountain bike or even go out and meet other life forms of the opposite sex.
So its a win for you and fortnight and number one public transit currently the citys public transit system is less than desirable. The city only offers a public bus system that runs from the airport to downtown this means and wont be hitting any of the suburbs. You want to go to the suburbs.
Youd better have a car an uber or i dont know take a rickshaw whatever you got to do however for convenience. The buses will come to each stop every 30 minutes. Which is a solid schedule.
It also runs seven days weeks thats even better fortunately the city did recently win a smart city challenged by the us department of transportation. Which awarded them 40 million dollars plus. An extra ten million from vulcan incorporated to make changes.
The city that will improve the public transit experience and if youve ever been on public transit. You know its not just a ride. Its an experience.
I think adding a bus that goes to the suburbs is a giant leap forward for these people maybe one day they can achieve the greatness that is the los angeles transit experience they have trains and buses that are so entertaining its hard to believe that youre getting on it for less than ten bucks. They have tons of people talking to themselves drug use in the open fistfights over seats good times in la take the train. Its better than going to hollywood all right.
So thats my top ten reasons not to move to columbus ohio. Hope you guys. Enjoyed it hope you got some information out of it.
The fact is columbus isnt terrible city. Theres a hell of a lot worse places in ohio than columbus. But no place is perfect these are just some things that you you know if youre thinking about moving there to take into consideration hopefully.
Ive sparked some interest and youll do a little more research on your own anyway dont forget all the links below give me a big thumbs up hit the subscribe button. If you already havent done that everybody have a great day be nice to each other .

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how far is it to columbus ohio-2

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