Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Louisville, KY

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Is going on everyone whos ready to talk about a place. Weve never never talked about before. I know i am that town is in the bluegrass state.
It is louisville kentucky. Its right here in case. You dont know it is home dub 3 4.
Of a million people. The kentucky derby and the louisville. Slugger the entire metro area has closer to 13.
Million residents and it was founded in 1778. This was also the birthplace and childhood home of cassius. Marcellus clay jr.
Who of course later changed his name to muhammad ali. It is also home to a guy who stuck me in the forearm with a bayonet while i was in the army. Yes really i jokingly asked this guy if they call it ky jelly because its used so often in the kentucky backwoods.
He said no you stupid ass which is something he called everyone so i wasnt getting any special treatment at this point. My mistake was asking him a follow up question. Which was well which do you prefer when youre in the kentucky backwoods with the fellas 45 minutes later i had seven stitches in my forearm louisville is not a bad city.
It has great history and great people at least when theyre not holding sharp objects. But like all cities. It has its issues and really isnt for everyone this videos about things you should know before you decide to move to the derby city.
So why dont you grab a mint jubilee and watch my top ten reasons not to move to louisville kentucky. Number 10 few things to do although. The city offers many entertainment activities like the kentucky kingdom.
Its a waterpark gazoo. They got some bars for adults. Many people when moving to louisville complain that the residents here only invite them to do things like go shooting go to church or drink.
Some cheap beer and sit in their pickup truck pool. They made which i mean totally makes sense why else would anyone buy an f for 250.

how far is it to louisville kentucky-0
how far is it to louisville kentucky-0

If you aint gonna make a pool out of it right if the truck swimming pool aint your thing you could always hit the louisville mega cavern. Where you could explore the history of geology and mining and building technologies of louisville. It is also home to the worlds only underground zipline course.
Which okay that parts kind of cool. But very few people really want to spend their day learning about geology and mining. I mean if youre a geology nerd.
Maybe number nine car insurance if you decide to move to louisville youll probably notice that your car insurance rates skyrocket. This is because kentucky has some stricter laws when it to car. Insurance the average resident will spend a little over 2000 in car insurance alone every single year.
Many complain that these laws are so strict at the bare minimum insurance here cost them about 260 a month lots of factors can play into those numbers. But thats just a reference what i find weird about this one is ive heard it about three or four times from people talking to me. Ive even had a bunch of comments on my videos by locals that want to bring this up really.
How often do you talk to a stranger about insurance rates in the city. Never. Im sure is the answer for 99 of you so that kind of tells you how bad it is if people keep bringing it up all the time i mean honestly car insurance number 8.
Pronunciation. This one is really big deal among residents and make it a little heated if ever discussed some people pronounce. It louisville like loo l.
Owe you a vul louisville others pronounce it louisville like loo ello you ee vi l. Le louisville. However locals claim that has properly pronounced louisville and im sure some of them are gonna have a hard time with the way i pronounce it.
But still its most definitely never going to be louisville. Dont ever say that to anyone their bill probably just roll their eyes and walk away from you and it may even get you run out of town. If youre talking to the wrong person now it may even sound like i switched back and forth in this video.
And i promise you that we will have a bunch of comments about this one in the comment section below. Everyone seems to think they have the right answer how its properly pronounced. And its always different from the last person that said they know how its supposed to be pronounced.
Its a strange one no other place. Ive ever been to where this is actually so much of a thing i mean here in portland.

how far is it to louisville kentucky-1
how far is it to louisville kentucky-1

We have the willamette river and we know youre not a local by the way you pronounce. It ive actually heard people call it the wilhemina river. I dont know how you get wilhemina out of that one number seven allergies stock up on allergy medication.
Before you get. Here be prepared. People many people complain about experiencing new or worse allergy symptoms after moving to louisville.
Some residents say its so bad that the over the counter allergy medicine. Doesnt work for them anymore. They have to go to the doctor and get a shot allergies are the absolute worst.
If you dont suffer from allergies you might here for those of you who dont get them. Its like being uncomfortable for a week or two months or somewhere in between growing up in southern california. I never had them im dorgan and in the spring.
I normally walk around looking like someone whos been i dont know using his face to smash onions. See your doctor for allergy testing. If its really really bad.
And that also helps eliminate it could be another cause if you want to go the natural route try local grow and honey. Ive actually tried that a couple times. It seemed to make things better and didnt fix it completely.
But if youre into the natural stuff. Thats the best way to go number six hidden tools. Some roads have hidden tools.
Youll have to be aware of these beforehand. So you dont get shafted by the man. When youre new to louisville.
You may not even notice that they have signs telling you youre about to enter toll road. While youre trying to get through spaghetti junction. Fortunately you can sign up with a toll company to be billed automatically.
So you dont have to go through the confusion and stress of receiving an unexpected toll bill in the mail thats going to be much more expensive than just paying. The freaking toll.

how far is it to louisville kentucky-2
how far is it to louisville kentucky-2

Now a lot of states and a lot of areas of this country dont have toll roads dont have toll bridges. I know they have them in new york and new jersey and stuff like that but in southern california. I think we had well we had that one that went out into the desert a commuter thing but it was a lane.
But i remember only having the vincent thomas bridge in long beach and they had a toll booth. There and then i read some years back that they were getting rid of it because they did a study and found out that they hadnt raised the toll. And so long that they were only making enough to pay for the people that worked in the toll booth like that was all they were collecting was enough to pay these people and they were gonna eliminate it and then theres this big outcry that some dude.
There was like two or three years from retirement and that was like the only job he ever had and now theyre gonna eliminate his job. What was he going to do hes gonna get another job like most people do when they get it. But anyway turn to this big.
Public outcry and they were trying to save this guys job and they eventually just got rid of the tollbooth. I dont know what they did with the dude. But yeah most the country doesnt have these toll things so just be prepared if you moved to louisville.
Number five. A red state louisville. Is like a small speck of blue within a very red state nearly everywhere else you go in kentucky.
The political demographics will be more likely leaning right louisville is the most left city in the state. This is perfect breeding ground for a lot of disagreements and facebook and friending especially during election season. This how few other states are portland oregon and seattle washington.
Come to mind here theyre very much left leaning cities in states. That would be probably right leaning and voting completely if it wasnt for those two major cities and a few other spots in the states now im not saying. Theres anything wrong with either or any political affiliation.
Were all in this together. Its just something you should know if its something you care about what sucks is politics have become so toxic on both sides. Its crazy.
The fact is each party needs. The other party and they need them to have differing views or the whole democracy thing collapses like i said were all in this together. But if that stuff does matter to you and where youre living and how people vote just keep that one in mind about louisville number four natural disasters.
Louisville gets hit with many kinds of natural disasters they experience tornados occasionally earthquakes rarely and flooding since the ohio river runs straight through the city louisville is the biggest city in the state at risk for flooding. The ohio river occasionally does rise and cause flooding one historical flood in 1937.

how far is it to louisville kentucky-3
how far is it to louisville kentucky-3

Which was called the great flood was pretty bad the flood occurred in january of that year lasting nearly a month at one point seventy percent of the city was under water and keep in mind. This is before plastic kayaks and gopros so it really wasnt any fun for anyone number three low wages living someplace with the low cost of living like louisville will usually come with the downside. And thats low wages.
The income per capita is about twenty seven thousand dollars. Thats about seven percent lower than the national average be prepared to take pay cut if you moved louisville in almost any position this in part is why the poverty level in louisville is about 17 percent higher than the national average youd think you would have a better wage outlook. Considering how many major corporations they have in louisville kfc and its parent company yum bran are based there humana.
Louisville slugger and the main airport is home to the ups worldwide hub lets just name a few theyve got a lot of other ones. I just love kfc. Though maybe thats part of the problem maybe theyre not paying people well because they kind of suck.
Now the two kfcs near my home have run out of chicken on three different occasions that ive gone there and lets say the last four years at least four maybe five years. How does a chicken restaurant run out of chicken are they hiring people that cant count or something number two bugs louisville has some crazy bugs here kind of a course. There are southern city mosquitoes our major nuisance in southern cities louisville.
Is no different. However thats not as bad as a couple other things they have the cicada killer wasp for example these are wasp. But thankfully only go after cicadas.
But if you pose a threat to them they wont hesitate to light you up another terrifying bug is the hercules beetle. These things are huge matter of fact theyre. The largest flying insect in the united states despite being this large up to 7 inches by the way they can actually fly.
And they are terrifying to people that have never seen one before and trust. Me you dont want to be in the woods around louisville. And see a cicada killer wasp like hercules beetle or a guy.
With no teeth. And a tube of ky jelly coming at you and number one kentucky drivers drivers here arent the best if youre a driver in the bluegrass state heres some bad news. You are some of the worst drivers in the nation according to a new smart asset survey.
Kentucky drivers are ranked 11th and louisville is the worst in kentucky for louisville drivers. There are five point eight eight dui arrests per 1000. Drivers and an average of one point.
Six nine fatalities per every hundred million miles traveled those arent good numbers. And this is probably why car insurance is so high in louisville three things you need while driving in louisville good car insurance. A number two a good lawyer and a good credit score because after you hit a tree youll need a new car alrights lets only top ten reasons not to move to louisville kentucky.
I hope you guys enjoyed hope you got some information out of it dont forget all the links below give this a big thumbs up leave me a comment and dont forget to subscribe. Everybody have a great day be nice to each other .

how far is it to louisville kentucky-4
how far is it to louisville kentucky-4

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