Top 10 Slim iPhone 6 (s+) Cases – October 2015 – Thule, Loopy, Pong

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Its aaron. The homo by reviews ad and today. Im going to give give you the top ten cases for the iphone 6s now mobile.
Reviews. A ca base everything. We do on actually usage.
So ive got. Ten cases here this is about 100 hours worth of work for me to do the web reviews to do all the stuff. So i definitely know what im talking about when it comes to iphone cases.
Ive reviewed over 100 of them which seems kind of silly. But the most silliest thing is that because the iphone 6 and 6s are different sized cases 20 of the cases. I reviewed dont actually fit the iphone 6s and i only found that out because i spent several hours in my kitchen fitting an iphone 6s into iphone 6 cases.
It was my fingers hurt after that so enough stalling. I will give you two pros one concrete. 20 of these cases.

iphone 6s plus slim case-0
iphone 6s plus slim case-0

And my favorite case out of this grouping actually is my highest rated case and ill tell you which one that is at the end of the video case number 10. The incipio do pro its very grippy its drop rated. But the back may stain over time which isnt great number 9.
Is the candyshell grip. It is super grippy. I dont like the cant regular candy shell.
But i do love the candyshell grip. It provides great one in handed usage. But their shock protection on the case might be a bit overrated you can ask my first iphone 6 8.
Is the tech21 classic shell. Its grippy its got a great scratch resistant back. But there are some minor build quality issues.
The moshe. I glaze this is a slim and sleek case it fits very very well. But its not terribly tough.

iphone 6s plus slim case-1
iphone 6s plus slim case-1

So somebody who guessed this case should really be one that takes care of their iphones. Number six is the incipio octane and its a tiny case thats drop rated to four feet. And its very affordable.
Though there is a sharp edge alone in the back of the case. Which i found kind of annoying. You might as well.
Number five of the spigen tough armored fx. You got to remember theres the fx portion because it comes with a screen protector it handles decently. But the screen protector does cause a few problems number four are three gryphon cases and all these cases.
Some are better some are worse. But i just kind of grouped them all because i do have to say that these gryphon cases are decent. All of them are drop rated either between four and six feet.
There are lots of different color options and the only bad thing out of this grouping is that journey is a little thicker. The core has the buttons are a little tighter and on the identity. This protection might not be as great as the other two cases now before i get to the top three cases.

iphone 6s plus slim case-2
iphone 6s plus slim case-2

The first time you watch one of my videos. I do encourage you to click subscribe because i do a lot of product reviews. This is not a comprehensive list as im constantly reviewing new products.
Ive recently got this k snap. That is pretty cool. Im going to be reviewing that so if you found this video useful considering getting whatever case that you choose from this list through my website.
Because i dont get paid by any of these case manufacturers and breaking iphones is expensive. Number three is the loopy vibe. And its the most unique case in this grouping because well theres no hasek down on the back of the case.
The iphone stays in the hand and provides incredible great one handed usage. If your finger is in this loop your iphone is not going to fall out of your hand. That then wont the only downside really is that there is an elastic sticking out of the back of your case.
Number two is the pong radiation case. Now. This is a solid case.

iphone 6s plus slim case-3
iphone 6s plus slim case-3

Its got great texture and the bad thing is that it might block radiation and i only say its a bad thing. Because i tried to prove i try to find a way to prove it i couldnt so you know maybe it does maybe it doesnt work. But the case portion of it is pretty awesome.
The top case is the thule atmos x4. I love this case. It is slim its tough it comes with a screen protector with the x4 version the x3 might actually break at the bottom of the case and ive kind of looped.
The two together because they do kind of look exactly the same. But if youre looking for something thats slim thats tough the thule atmos x. 4.
Or x. 3. Thats a great way to go so thats all i got if you are wondering about all the cases that i reviewed.
I do encourage you to check on my websites as ive got a listing of all those cases and yes. I did review some otterbox ones. But dont theyre not on the list because theyre not that good if any questions them in the comment section below you can find me on instagram facebook twitter as well as google or you could just leave something on my website.
A comment preferably well thats all i got thanks for watching. .

iphone 6s plus slim case-4
iphone 6s plus slim case-4

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