Top 3 Most common Psychological disorders explained

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Humans respond to stress loss and adversity in a variety of ways. Many of us us have experienced low mood and spirits. When faced with a difficulty or a loss may lose our sleep appetite.
It may not feel like socializing or meeting. People this change in behavior is a normal human reaction to a stressful situation as such a state is transient and goes away in a couple of days. But if symptoms such as low mood hopelessness changes in appetite sleep patterns loss of interest in hobbies and adonia feelings of guilt persist for more than two weeks and negatively affect our social domestic and occupational functioning.
Then it is no more a normal reaction. But a pathological one and may merit. A concern for clinical depression.
Major depression is extremely common among various societies. And despite being a treatable illness goes largely undiagnosed due to its insidious nature. And the stigma attached to its diagnosis and seeking treatment case for urgency.
According to the international global burden of disease study major depressive disorder mdd is the third leading cause of the years lived with disability. Why aldis which can be described as years lived in less than ideal health in pakistan and globally the socio economic burden of mental illness in pakistan is tremendous of which mdd contributes significantly and was estimated to be approximately four thousand two hundred and sixty four million us. Dollars in the year 2006.
According to recent estimates carried out in pakistan severe forms of clinical depression often translate into suicides according to a report published in 2014. Every 40 seconds a person commits suicide for every person who commits suicide. There are 20 people who attempt ending their lives mental illness at large and major depression is particular pose.
A public health challenge. Which calls health policy institutes and governments to take appropriate steps diagnosis. Signs and symptoms major depressive disorder.
Is diagnosed on the basis of a set of nine symptoms formulated in the diagnostic and statistical manual dsm. 5. And their context five or more of the nine symptoms including at least one of depressed mood and loss of interest or pleasure in the same two week period and each of the symptoms represent a change from previous functioning.
These symptoms include depressed mood. Subjective or observed irritability is more common in teenagers loss of interest of pleasure change in weight or appetite. Insomnia or hypersomnia psychomotor agitation.
Observed loss of energy or fatigue. Feelings of worthlessness. Or guilt.
Impaired concentration or indecisiveness thoughts of death or suicidal ideation and attempt. If there is depression resulting in significant clinical impairment. But not meeting the above criteria for major depression.
Then it is termed as adjustment disorder with depressed mood this occurs within three months following a stressful life event and does not persist for six months after the termination of the stressor if there are depressive symptoms occurring within two months of the death of a loved one then it is considered as normal grief. If symptoms persist beyond two months. Then a diagnosis of major depression needs to be explored severity major depression can be mild moderate or severe in mild depression.
Despite the symptoms functioning would still be preserved in moderate depressive illness. The different facets of functioning would be markedly impaired. Whereas.
In severe major depression disorder. One may experience and act on suicidal thoughts in very severe forms. One.
May even experience. Hallucinations and delusions accompanying. The mood symptoms.
Which is termed as major depression with psychotic features hi. That i am wally you may be wondering. What im doing here well let me start again.
I am. Wally and im autistic for those of you who are not familiar. With this term.
Autistic is a person who suffers from an behavioral condition called autism. But what exactly is autism. Well.
It can be a tricky question. Because autism can be a lot of things. This condition is now being referred to as autism spectrum dissing because of its variety and diversity of symptoms.
Quite possibly my autism may be different from another autistic and that his or her autism. May also be different from another autistic and so on. However there are three basic symptoms that are observed in all types of autism social interaction challenges deviant responsiveness and difficulty in communication cognitive dysfunction and insensitivity or odor sensitivity to certain stimuli.
Including sight. Hearing. Smell.
Taste and touch tendency to engage in repetitive behavior. Throughout life on a daily basis. It may involve pacing the head rocking in the hand flipping etc.
Now let me evaluate myself. According to these symptoms ive never felt comfortable in social circles. I dont go out with friends or in gatherings even though i have nothing else to do and usually i feel out of place and panic in social gatherings.
So first symptom check. I have trouble assessing how my words or actions will affect the other person psychologically i have a really bad reputation for being blunt and quite frankly i have no idea. What my words can hurt people.
Most people tell me that i dont respond when im spoken to i know that theyre talking to me. But i feel a lot of background noise. Which makes it hard for me to focus on one point during conversations with multiple stimuli involved along with that sometimes i cannot assess the hidden meanings in conversations for example if im asked to take my seat.
I would pick up my seat and ask where to so second symptom check since my childhood. I have a strong tendency for head rocking side to side it calms me down. I have these episodes daylian and quite often multiple times in the same day.
So third symptom big check enough about me. Lets go through some important facts about autism. Autism.
Is known to affect one in every 60. Individuals. With boys.
At five times. More risk to be autistic than girls quick question do you think the dominance of autism in males has something to do with their gender. More specifically with the y chromosome what causes autism is still unknown it is believed that a cocktail of genetic environmental and psychological factors contributes towards autism autism is broadly divided into three major types classical or canners autism.
Often referred to as severe autism. This.

risk for assaultive behavior is highest in the mental health client who does what?-0
risk for assaultive behavior is highest in the mental health client who does what?-0

Type usually covers the low functioning autism. In this case. Autistics have the same.
But more severe symptoms along with certain other developmental disorders. A very low iq lots of cognition speech antisocial behaviors and mental retardation in extreme cases aspergers syndrome also called as high function autism tends to have the basic symptoms. But with low severity.
So that the individuals suffering from it have a very good chance of a normal life aspergers syndrome has known to be associated with high levels of iq with individuals that main lag in certain daily races of life. But a super smart at stuff. That appears to be very difficult for smart.
But non autistic individuals. These excellency may include problems in science arts. Math.
And music to name a few can you imagine someone who got the highest score in sats twice. But cant ride a bicycle properly and gets confused in easy tasks like opening a push or pull door the third type also known as pervasive development disorder. Or atypical autism.
It usually involves a most sociological and behavioral associated. Deviations. And is a rather less studied type of autism.
Another level based classification is done by the clinicians on the basis of the severity of the symptoms with level 1 autistics requiring minimal clinical support level 2 requiring mediocre clinical support and the level 3 autistics requiring maximum clinical support no matter the type of autism. The symptoms start to manifest within the first three years after birth as hopeless as it may seem. There is no substantial cure for autism.
Physicians. Sometimes recommend antidepressant medications with physical and mental training. Sessions for the autistics to adapt to the normal world.
But none of these therapies have shown a hundred percent efficiency in my opinion autism is just a different way to perceive our reality. We just process the stimuli around us differently than others and that can be a promising statement to develop an efficient therapy to treat severe forms of autism. A team at ucla is already working on this project.
Where they have seen that just by changing the stimuli of observable reality. The autistic features can be normalized. So you see were not sick or have a disease.
Were just different and i believe that whatever makes you different makes you special and i believe that i have been bestowed with this amazing gift called autism think im crazy. If you are autistic just ask yourself how many times have your anti boredom painting turned out to be a masterpiece. How many times.
The instrument you play just to calm yourself has mesmerized the others around you moreover. How many times have you raised your hand and solved. A problem that others can only dream of solving dont believe me yet.
Some autistics have superpowers in the form of saven syndrome. In which they can do super. Computerized calculations in their minds.
Like guessing the exact day on a specific date. A thousand years from now in other cases. They have a super strong a short and long term memory due to which they can memorize.
Numerous facts patterns and details with clinical precision. Still dont believe me do you know what relates isaac newton. Mozart charles darwin.
Nikola tesla. Albert einstein its autism yeah you heard me right there observed to be showing symptoms that can be closely related to aspergers each and every one of them revolutionized our world in ways that would never thought before yes. This world is a tough place every day like my autistic brothers and sisters.
I have to struggle hard to pretend to be normal everyday. There are a lot of people who remind me constantly of the failure. I am as a man every day.
I hurt a lot of people like willingly. But still every new day surprises. Me with the new talents i possess the new frontiers.
I can pursue and with every fight i become stronger and more resilient for all those out there like myself stop judging yourself by what you are not and start defining yourself. By what you are remember it is your imperfections that make you what you are and you are amazing you have the power to make this life. A beautiful adventure.
Those who try to imprison you by their so called standards of perfection are just ignorant. And it is our responsibility to educate them for those who have people like me around them hug them whenever they panic helps give us a sense of abundance and fulfillment and is scientifically proven to calm autistics from me to all the autistics around the world. I feel your pain.
And i accept you all for who you are because i have embraced myself for what i am if being abnormal makes me special then this abnormality is a blessing. Im an autistic and this is my story. Suppose you are chatting with your friend in a park.
He or she is talking about a topic. You just cannot stand in fact you are not even mentally present. There.
And you are often not in touch with the reality. This may mean you may be suffering from a personality disorder known as schizophrenia symptoms. Include catatonia.
Do lucian hallucinations. Lack of hygiene awareness. And much more schizophrenia is a personality disorder.
Which is more common in males than in females. A person with such a disorder may not care of his or her hygiene needs for instance. Rarely baths and does not care of his or her dental hygiene.
Another. Symptom delusion. A person believes on unrealistic thoughts.
And hallucinations is when a person sees or hears. Which does not exist. Another symptom catatonia is when the person does repetitive or purposeless activity as a result of his or her disturbed mental state symptoms of schizophrenia appear.
When one of the neural circuit. Situated in the midbrain. Called substantia nigra overproduced neurotransmitter called dopamine and disrupts the balance between secretion of dopamine and acetylcholine.
The treatment of schizophrenia. Includes medication anti psychotic drugs such as risperidone. Which stops.
The secretion of dopamine physical exercise is necessary to reduce catatonic effects. Still more studies are needed to understand deeply the mechanism of a disease you .

risk for assaultive behavior is highest in the mental health client who does what?-1
risk for assaultive behavior is highest in the mental health client who does what?-1

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