Top 5 Casting Rods At Bass Pro Under $100! (Budget Fishing!)

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s up guys. It is bucketmouth bass. Im back here again today.
And today today as yall can see behind me im walking into bass. Pro shops. Im gonna be picking out my top 5 casting rods at bass pro shops for under 100.
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But i will see yall. Inside the store music music music all right. Whats up.
I am in the store now guys. And number five on todays list of top five frauds for under 100 at bass pro shops. I got to go with the bass pro shops.
Attorney special rod and the really the best feature about this rod. Im not even gonna lie is its only fifty bucks and they do have sales on it all the time so you cant come in here. A lot of the time and pick it up for only 40.
So obviously this rod really only made the list because of that 50 price range you know thats very inexpensive for a rod. But this rod comes with best pros rt2 graphite blank. So youre getting an okay graphite.
But i mean come on its only fifty dollars. So its fairly sensitive. I actually own this exact rod though i can attest to that its fairly sensitive.
Its not the most sensitive rod cos. Obviously. Its only fifty dollars.
But another feature of this rod is it comes with evie a foam grips theyre pretty comfortable. Theyre not the most comfortable in the world you guys know i like a wind grip handles a lot better and if you want to see some rods with those ill leave a link to my last video. I actually did at academy.
But theres actually two features i really dislike about this rod and one of them is that the reel seat is not completely skeletonized you guys know i like my reel seat completely skeletonized. So i can feel exactly when a fish is biting. I do personally believe that it helps you feel rocks.
And when a fish is biting better. So i really wish they would remove this plastic part right here and just completely skeletonized. The reel seat so you can put your entire hand on it.
And on this rod itself. The guides are a little bit big and bulky which i dont like at all i dont think i can cast as accurately with this rod. Because of those big guides that it has on it theyre not huge.
But they are pretty big when it comes to casting rods. So i would really prefer a much smaller guy and lastly this rod actually looks nice. I actually redid it within the last like year.
I think it has been because i actually have the older of this rod. They made this part green and now it fades into a black color. So it looks pretty nice.
But other than those two things about this rod that i mentioned earlier this rod is a good buy for only 50 bucks. That is why it really made the list at number five number four on todays list is going to be the bass pro shops. Bionic blade.
Casting rod and you guys know i have this rod. Personally. I actually have a review over ill leave a link to that right now.
But the reason. This rod is making number four on the list today is because it only goes for 80 for one thing. So.
Thats a good price for this rod. And it comes with bass pro shops rt3 graphite. So again thats not the worlds best graphite.
But youre getting a little bit better than the bass pro shops tourney special rod and i can attest to this rod being fairly sensitive. It is more sensitive than the bass pro shops tourney special. But its still not the most sensitive rod to be honest.
It could be more sensitive. I mean. Its only 80 again and if you guys wait you can actually wait to pick it up for about 50 or 60.
I remember i bought mine for 50 about a year back.

bass pro rod and reel combo-0
bass pro rod and reel combo-0

So you can always wait for that sale and another feature. I do not like about this rod is i do not believe they sell the bionic blade micro anymore. Thats the specific one that i have but i think they actually discontinued that because they revamped these rods this calendar year they look a little bit different now than they did last year.
They added eba foam instead of cork and they change the colors a little bit. But so now you dont have that micro guide option anymore. And the guides on this rod or a little bit big.
I dont like them being that big because i do think it doesnt allow me to cast as accurately in my own opinion. But i have not had any problems with the guides myself so its been working out pretty good this rod is durable. I throw it all over the place so its pretty good in the durability category.
And it does feature fast pro shop our wall construction blank. Which it basically means that its just a little bit more and a feature. I do like about this rod is that it comes with a completely skeletonized reel.
Seat. So you can put your whole hand on the actual rod blank itself and feel everything and youre getting eevee. A phone.
This is not the best eevee a foam ever but its comfortable enough its definitely more comfortable than the bass pro shop stern. Especially you definitely do see an increase in the quality of the eevee. A foam on this particular rod from the tourney special and lastly the colors on this rod actually look pretty good it doesnt look as ugly as it did last year.
I still think they should drop the maroon color and just make it a straight red. But you know this is what they decided to go with for some reason it looks better than the older model. But it still could be a little bit nicer to be honest music number three on todays list is going to be the bass pro shops pro qualifier this rod does go for exactly 100 dollars.
And youre getting the same graphite as you did with the last rod the bionic blade. So its probably not going to be that much more sensitive. A reason.
I like this rod better is youre getting a completely skeletonized reel seat. So you can really put your whole hand on the reel. Seat here itself and the eevee.
A foam on this rod itself is almost the exact same as the bass pro shops. Bionic blade rod. It feels the exact same it looks the exact same so its comfortable.
Its good like i said earlier. I think the wind grips on rods are the best you can get. But for a hundred bucks at bass pro shops youre still getting a pretty good evie a foam handle and on this rod.
I do think. The guides are a little bit on the bulky side again they should make them smaller to be honest. I do not like big guides like on this rod and lastly.
The color on this rod actually looks pretty good. The black and with the gold accents. It looks pretty nice i mean ive seen nicer rods.
Obviously. But this one does not look bad at all and again. I wish they can make these rods a little bit lighter.
But overall. This is not a bad rod for only 100 alright number two on todays list is gonna be the abu garcia veritas. Rod this rod runs for one hundred dollars.
If you buy a heavy power rod. It actually goes for 110. But other than that all of these rods are only 100 unless you buy that heavy power.
But with this rod youre getting a 30 ton graphite blank. Which is pretty good for only 100. Not the best that you can get.
But still pretty good for only a hundred bucks and the e va foam grips on this are very comfortable and easy to hold on to so thats another feature. I like about this rod out of all the rods with eba foam handles this one has some of the nicest eba foam. I have held before and on this rod.
You are getting a completely skeletonized reel. Seat. Which is a huge deal for me you guys know i.
Like to feel. The entire rod blank. With my hand.
And this rod claims. Sub layer armor. Which to me just means.
Its a little bit more durable and the guides on this rod are not huge like the three best pro shops rods before this one they are not micro guides.

bass pro rod and reel combo-1
bass pro rod and reel combo-1

But they are not huge either theyre right in that medium. Which me personally i like because i can still cast accurately and tie a leader and the leader goes right through the line guides. I almost forgot to mention the color of this rod is okay.
I mean the white and gray looks alright. I mean honestly i think they could have designed this rod better. But obviously that doesnt affect the performance at all its just the way it looks.
But in my opinion. It just it looks okay if you guys disagree please let me know down in the comments. I would love to hear.
Yalls opinions alright and number one on todays list of the top five casting rods that you can buy for under 100. At bass pro shops. Is the abu garcia vendetta.
You are getting a 30 ton graphite blank on this rod. Its the exact same as the abu garcia veritas. And that rod is 20.
More. So youre saving money on this rod. This rod runs for only 80.
Which is really good considering youre getting that 30 ton. Graphite blank. And as yall.
Can see right here. Youre getting. A completely.
Skeletonized. Reel. Seat.
What you all know is a big deal for me and to be honest this piece that secures your reel down to the actual rod itself is higher quality than it is on the abu garcia veritas. Rod and the guides on this rod are pretty much the exact same as on the veritas. They look the same and theyre the same quality.
Theyre both good obviously. But why would you pay an extra 20 dollars. When you could just buy this rod.
The only thing. The veritas has over this rod to be honest is the actual evie a foam handle right here. It is a lot more comfortable on the veritas.
But this one is still comfortable as well on the abu. Garcia vendetta. Rod.
And this rod is pretty light as well it weighs about the same as the veritas. Im sure theres a little bit of a difference between the two rods but just in my hand. It does not feel any different they feel the exactly same to me.
And i was just holding the veritas. Too so i cant even tell the difference at all it seems like they weigh the exact same. When its actually in my hand and lastly the colors of this rod.
I think are a lot nicer than on the veritas. The black in the red looks very nice so again. The vendetta has the abu garcia veritas of beat and the looks category.
And honestly. I would go with one of the two abu garcia rods. I mentioned in this video.
Because they are a lot better than the bass pro shops brand rods in my opinion alright guys. Its gonna go ahead and wrap up todays video. But honestly i would definitely buy either of the two abu garcia rods.
Before i would buy the bass pro shops brand. But thats just my opinion if yall. Disagree with me please let me know down in the comments.
But for only 80. I would really buy that abu garcia vendetta. If it was my money and saved myself 20 from the veritas because i do think the vendetta is better.
But if yall have not subscribed go down and hit that subscribe button and the bell. So you dont miss anything in the future. And i will see yall.
Back here next. Time you .

bass pro rod and reel combo-2
bass pro rod and reel combo-2

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