Top Flite XL 2020 Review

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Were finally at the range and before i get out there um. I started started hitting the balls. I wanted to give you an up close look at everything the package comes with and exactly what youre going to be getting so its a 13 piece set and um.
What comes in that 13 pieces is the bag counts as one piece your socks countess pieces you get a driver a three wood you get two hybrids and you get five irons and a putter. So thatll equal your total 13 piece set now right off the bat. I can say this set looks.
Amazing. The trimming is beautiful the design is beautiful everything is real real sturdy uh. The pockets are really really big and the bag is actually really light very light compared to uh what i was using before so its its definitely uh an upgrade for me.
But the pockets are really big in here. Ive got my shoes youve got a small pocket for tees and for a glove um obviously youve got your your ball pocket. If thats what you want to use it for and so on and so forth.
So uh yeah. Im super happy with with how it looks how sleek. It is and how beautiful it is so uh.
Well take out one of these hybrids for you so these are the hybrids and as you can see uh. Its a four hybrid and you get a five hybrid. So instead of a four and a five iron.
Youre getting four and five hybrids um. Theyre really really nice. I mean very nice.
Still shafts uh. No i thought i saw something saying or i think.

top flight golf clubs review-0
top flight golf clubs review-0

My buddy was telling me they might be graphite um. But theyre not theyre still chefs the only thing. Thats going to come in a graphite shaft.
Is going to be your 3 wood and your driver. So just like any other driver. I guess uh youre just gonna have a little bit of flex there.
But um lets move on to an iron here so well go to lets just say this video. So the irons have uh a beautiful beautiful design to them up on the back right there they get real wide on the bottom. Giving you that nice uh that nice beefy look they say they are stainless.
So i mean thats definitely a plus. But overall um. The clubs are are really really nice and i just cant wait to see how they perform grips feel good theyre not too thick.
Theyre not too too thin uh. They feel real nice in your hands. So yeah.
Lets get out there and start hitting all right guys. So im all done and uh. Honestly.
I gotta say that im really impressed with the clubs. Honestly um. Im not a professional golfer or anything.
Like that ive been playing for only about 12 years. But i do it for fun uh.

top flight golf clubs review-1
top flight golf clubs review-1

I do it as a pastime as a hobby and its something that i really enjoy and i do work to get better at so um having those clubs for 12 years. And realizing how bad they really were uh wasnt apparent until. I was out there today the clubs feel great.
I was really looking for anything that i could really uh critique them on and i really couldnt to be honest with you um. When you mishit the ball you definitely feel it in your hands with which in my opinion. Ive ive felt that with a lot of clubs.
I mean my buddy has some mizunos. I miss hit. I think one of the balls with his club and and it didnt feel it as as much.
But you still feel it so uh given. The fact that his mizunos were 700. And these were i think 300.
Um. And to see that the only difference is really just the feel when youre miss hitting the ball. I mean also when youre hitting the ball.
It is mizuno feels really nice. But these feel really really good too. Its its uh.
Its crazy to see how well these perform today um. I took a bunch of videos uh that ill attach at the end of this that um. Well go through.
I hit a hybrid i hit a three wood i hit my driver i hit an iron uh. I went through about 200 balls.

top flight golf clubs review-2
top flight golf clubs review-2

So i went about two two buckets of balls and really got the feel for the clubs and im really impressed um in in the video. Im also going to attach my old driver that i was using that a buddy gave to me. I i usually drive between 285 and 305 with that on average 280 somewhere around there and with the driver that came with the top flight set.
I was driving right around 280 to 90. Um consistently so really im i mean overall. The set is really really good uh.
If youre beginning music in golf or if youre a beginner golfer or if youre uh intermediate. You know and and you you can play golf. But youre still working on some kinks.
This is a great set to have i mean unless youre a pro. I mean. This is bang for your buck right here in my opinion.
So uh. I didnt really see any any videos out for top flight. Xl or top flight in general clubs.
Um. I saw a few kids do a a couple review videos and i saw a gentleman do a review video. Where he ended video with the glass of scotch at the end which looked amazing so um.
I just figured i would do one on the top flat xl 2020. Uh golf clubs so its a 13 piece set like i said and uh you can find them at dicks sporting good you can find them online. All these places so uh.
I would really consider checking them out because they really really perform really well so uh. Yeah. Thats all i got so i hope you guys find some some use out of this video.
I hope it was informative and you know good luck out there on the course have a good one mhm you .

top flight golf clubs review-3
top flight golf clubs review-3

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