Tough Otterbox Cases for Google Pixel 3a – Reviewed

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For the google pixel 3a lets see what we got dave taylor here and and i am holding my trusty google pixel. 3. A its a great phone.
More time. Ive spent with this the more impressed. I am.
With how much google is jammed into this extraordinarily affordable phone. But like any phone. Regardless of price.
You want to be able to protect it so talk to my friends at otterbox and they sent me a couple of cases. They just released these cases for the 3a. So lets have a look.
There are two that are what they call the symmetry style. Heres one of them these are feature a raised screen bevel and the way. Its designed if you are familiar with the 3a.
You know that if you squeeze on the sides of the 3a you get google assistant and with this case in i can still get that same functionality super nice now one of the things i often look at when i look at phone cases is is it qi wireless charging compatible. But the 3a doesnt do wireless charging. So thats not an issue.
So basically all you have to do is look at the style and where its protecting and how accurately they got all the coals and all the cutouts and as you would absolutely expect from otterbox. They absolutely nail it everything is exactly where it should be you can see that the audio jack might be a little tricky. But i think most plugs.
Its kind of work fine. Otherwise everything is just exactly in the right place. And really like this this is a very cheery color called aspen gleam.
I actually have been to aspen and im not sure what this color has to do with the city. But there it is so this is aspen gleam and again one thing. Thats really important is that theres a raised bezel and its just enough that you know if you drop your phone.
The screen isnt gonna take any of that impact and thats really important so they sent me two versions of the symmetry. So this one is the aspen glow. Thats the yellow right.
I would just call. It yellow. Obviously i am not in the color naming business.
Because this one. Which is kind of a two tone. Because theres black and theres this sort of dark magenta.
But its not dark magenta. This is called port wine. So there you go port wine symmetry case and aspen gleam symmetry case.
If these are all just way too much color for you you can also get it in black and this style of case for the google pixel 3a will cost you forty nine ninety five at otterbox comm. But lets be honest the much more fun case is this big defender case well. I already have it out and the defender case is interesting.
Because its this big multi piece thing. Its really kind of like building a lego kit or something so the phone goes in this part. When you put the phone in and its just this big deep strong case.

otterbox symmetry case for pixel 3a-0
otterbox symmetry case for pixel 3a-0

First you build the plastic part and as you can see there are little hooks all over the place these kind of get it all lined up. I think i need to do it this way and it clicks into place and lets get all the way around whoops. See that wouldnt have mattered.
I could have dropped it on the floor. It would have been fine so now we have this and yeah kind of ugly. But when you put that in the rubber case that is the second half of this then you get this really great sort of like classic.
Otterbox design. And the company is really well known for its big heavy rugged cases. And this is definitely one of those where i feel like if this fell out of the car or fell out of my pocket while i was on my motorcycle.
If i had a motorcycle then it would be no problem at all the case just fits and its tough and its quite attractive looking. Im just getting it all to fit just so and there we go i think we got it all there so it doesnt cover the screen. So its still super easy to work with your phone.
I can still unlock it in fact let me lock the screen and then i can unlock it because you can still get to the fingerprint sensor and its kind of interesting how they do that its a big cutout and then the ports are actually covered up so just put these in and so theres holes for like the speakers on the 3a. But the charging plug. Which is the usbc plug as you know the charging plug has a little cover flap on it so.
This is a super rugged tough case and not only that it actually comes with a little belt holster. So. If you want to be super nerdy or you just need to be able to have your phone on your belt.
Then its a super easy one you put on your belt. And it holds the phone as needed. I suppose you could actually mount this on a wall or something if you wanted to but probably most people dont so its a non slip grip.
It really has a nice feel to it comes with the belt holster as i said and theres the hard shell with the port covers and everything. And theres a lot to like about this now this two tone color. Where its sort of a khaki and this very dark.
I mean almost all dark purple dark blue sort of color. This is known as dark lake and i like this because you get the sort of lighter color on the inner side. And then the darker color on the outer rubberized coat.
And this is just like a crazy strong. I feel like like i said. I could just like check this out of my car on the highway.
And i would go back and pick up my phone and itd be fine so if you worried about breaking your phone. Even a 399 pixel 3a. If you worried about breaking it then this is a great case.
So this as i said is the defender from otterbox for the pixel 3a. And this is a little bit more spendy. This is 5995 at otterbox calm.
But theres no question that if you want your phone to be able to survive whatever it is youre gonna experience then this is the way to go theres a way more protective than anything googles gonna send you so thats what i got now before i wrap it up go ahead and click that subscribe button and subscribe to my channel. We they appreciate when you do that so there we have it we have two of the otterbox symmetry cases and they have symmetry cases for a ton of different phones. So if you dont have a pixel 3a.
Then you can definitely go and check it out anyway and then they have the otterbox defender. Which is my personal favorite because i dont care what youre doing. This is going to protect your phone.
Its a great option. Its a great thing to choose so with that im gonna go toss my phone out of the car window yeah maybe more metaphorically than literally and ill catch you in my next music. .

otterbox symmetry case for pixel 3a-1
otterbox symmetry case for pixel 3a-1

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