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Guys dr. Dex here today i want to show you how we remove stripped screws screws it can be a common problem. And i know just about everybody has had issue before i just have a couple quick tips for you on how to do that so dont forget to like comment and subscribe and hit the bell icon.
If you want to be notified every time. Were putting out new content alright so what i have here is just a standard stardrive stainless steel screw and i also have two standard ol lumber okay were gonna go in okay. Lets just say you strip.
The head of the screw applause case. You getting a little you know aggressive with it all right oh. No my screw is stripped how do you get it out well depending on how deep it is when it strips will determine my technique.
Everybodys probably done it this way. But ive just used a set of vise grips. Vise grips are really great for getting out a strip screw you just got to adjust your tension to the head of the screw until you can get a nice tight firm grab on it and back it out all right piece of cake right awesome.

how to remove deck boards with screws-0
how to remove deck boards with screws-0

So vice grips number. One lets say you have a lot of these like maybe you pulled some decking out and the screws are all stuck and you dont want it to snap them off thats another option instead of trying to get the screw out you can just snap it off if it doesnt matter. But what if youre in a cosmetic surface that you want to keep looking good you dont want to destroy you can use a standard drill with a lockable chuck and then screw right over the top of it come and slow this down tighten your chuck up hit reverse just like that this is my favorite way to do this.
Its used quite a bit a lot of people dont know about a lot of people do. But you just lock your chuck and then to get the screw out you just undo the chuck so you can see its still grabbing on the head of the screw there we go comes out so thats my second probably. The most used way to get a stripped screw out if you have enough room.
And youre not damaging the surface all right so then you ask okay. Dr. Lets say you have a screw thats not quite all the way in the board.
Okay. Thats pretty stripped um. Lets say lets just pretend.

how to remove deck boards with screws-1
how to remove deck boards with screws-1

This is a nice product. Listen. A sec pvc azek pvc.
Dont want to ruin the surface of this right okay go to this oh man if i use this vice grip for one and i having a hard time snapping on to it and even if i could when i turn this im gonna mar up the surface on my deck so vice grips and not gonna work oh lets try the drill same problem its not gonna work i cant get my head on to the screw. So im not gonna work alright. So weve tried the vice grips.
We tried the drill that didnt work either so when youre desperate desperate times call for desperate measures. I have this product called the speed out the dj studio man got me for christmas. One year.
And you know the carpenter in me says hmm this may work but it wasnt a hundred percent until i had this exact situation happened to me on the job site and once you figure out how to open the box. What they are there are a set of screw taker outers hold on what do they call these things so. What they are is theyre a damaged screw extractor.

how to remove deck boards with screws-2
how to remove deck boards with screws-2

And theres two steps to each one so theres four different sizes. These come in a kit. Im on endorsed by this company you know you can probably pick this up at home depot.
Or other amazon that kind of stuff amazons where i got amazon is where calvin got him so and he thought that these would be a cool thing for me to have in case. I ever needed them. And you know what ive needed them it saved me a hundred dollars this whatever this cost saved me a hundred bucks already so what you do theres two sides to this tip.
Theres the cutter side to cut the hole that you need and then theres the reverse threaded side that helps you get the screw out okay. So were gonna try this right now. And see what happens so the first thing you do is you load.
The cutter side easy as 1 2. 3. So you got to drill out and reverse you flip the bit and then you extract in reverse.

how to remove deck boards with screws-3
how to remove deck boards with screws-3

As well so although. All the techniques you use for this particular tool is in reverse. So make sure you put your drill in reverse alright so here we go so im gonna im gonna clean this burr these burrs out im gonna flip the bit im gonna stand now if you notice it has a reverse thread so its gonna want to grab the drill or excuse me.
Its gonna want to grab the head of the screw as i spin this its gonna want to grab the head of the screw and hopefully pull the screw out okay all right there you go came out stripped had and all so these tools are pretty cool. Im not gonna say im gonna use these every day. These are the this is a kind of tool that you need once in a while but when you do it can get you out of a pinch all right guys if you learned something today.
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how to remove deck boards with screws-4
how to remove deck boards with screws-4

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