Under Armor running shoes review + haul

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Applause music applause music hello there welcome back to my channel. My name is jackie jackie easley so in todays video guys we will be talking about running shoes. We will be talking about sneakers.
So today guys. Its sunday here and me and john went to church this morning and then after that we decided to stop by at academy outlet. And because john wanted me to buy a new pair of shoes.
Because ill be starting to work this coming tuesday. So actually we argue a little bit. Because i dont want to buy a new shoe since i already have one but then he really said no you need a new pair of shoes.
Because you will be standing for eight hours and it will hurt your legs. So yeah. So we have a different perspective.
When it comes to buying stuff so so so right now guys. Im going to show you what we bought we actually bought we bought socks. So lets start with socks.
So mom doesnt wanted to go guys so just bear with me so im just gonna film together with molly dog. So yeah so we bought this um socks okay so we chose this socks that has this kind of thingy yeah. Because he won he said.
That this is gonna be also pouring my feed as well so okay. I say from standing for eight hours at work. I will also going to be walking from our apartment going to my workplace.
So thats why he really wanted to buy me a new shoes oh so yeah. I said i will not gonna buy a new shoes. Because the other one is still working so i can handle it ah standing for eight hours with that kind of shoes.
But no he doesnt sit. No no no no i kept saying no new one and since you want it yeah. I just what else i can do hes the one finding it for me so anyways yeah.
So disclaimer guys.

under armour womens training shoes-0
under armour womens training shoes-0

Im not here to brag. Something i know that people watching this video might think that ah every time. You got a new one you always hope to vlog love.
Love love like no you know here in america guys people always buy things online. They dont have time to go to the store and try to feed their shoes right or any type of clothes they always buy it online so most of the time people like it if you post some videos. Because thats kind of helping them to figure out if that type of shoes or some clothes is really good or not because of the reviews or of those people who water their shoes homeless right gosh this o.
Salt okay. So anyways yeah. So this is not to brag.
This is just i make this video maybe because i can help somebody if they wanted to find another issue or new shoes. A new pair of shoes they might help them if theyre checking it online specifically the same brand. Yeah they might they would know already what it looks like right its different when its on the picture.
And its really different when you take a video of it and try try it right okay. Molly. So you are in da camera.
Do like being in a camera. Do you like being a camera. You wanna whered your song molly is alright.
So. I im set to do that. But i put molly inside a room guys because i cant really feel because he wanted to be in the middle alright.
So yeah. This is yeah. We bought a pair of socks here.
So this is a basics. And yeah. This is a cushion low card alright.
So yeah hmm look at that so we all we decided to get this one that has this yeah so let me see how much is it i believe that this is on.

under armour womens training shoes-1
under armour womens training shoes-1

Sale. Yeah this is for 699. That this is a 50 off.
Yeah. Ok. Now.
This is the shoes that we bought guys. We bought a hoover hov vr like this sauna that on its under armour shoes. So yeah so i like this shoes.
Because i actually chose a different style. You know we really argue in the store earlier because what im looking for is just the style like i like this thats pretty this that i like the color and like this so i keep telling jen about it. But then when john is trying to put his hands on it its like no this will not support your your feet.
I dont like it i know you like it. But this will not support your feet so we decided to okay were gonna choose something that i like which is the design that i like but its going to tell me if this if the soul is good if it will support my my feet. Because you know ill be walking from our apartment.
Its like a 15 minutes walk from my our apartment going to the workplace and then ill be standing there for eight hours probably so yeah. Thats what is really really really encouraging me to buy a new one so lets start before that this is kind of cool. Because this shoes has a yeah.
This is connected to the bluetooth look at both guys. Yeah. See that so you can connect it to the bluetooth and on your phone.
And then it will gonna count the number of steps that you have so yeah. This is kind of cool right. We actually yeah amazed with it so this is the shoes that we chose.
Its a black one you know that is always neutral whatever we would wear so this is the shoes that we bought guys yeah so i actually like the style of adidas. However its like its pretty it looks pretty i like the its slim. And its really really like the design is really cool.
But then when i try them both of this i tried both of them it seems that this will really works better because of the sole.

under armour womens training shoes-2
under armour womens training shoes-2

Its really protecting me. Its i feel comfortable wearing this. And yeah.
Yeah i tried it i hope this thing will work well. Lets see ill be making a new video about it after a few days of walking using this shoes or whatever yeah. So this is so cool.
I like it so actually at first. Im so has attempt to buy this because its really expensive and it cost like five thousand in the philippines and then four tried buying a shoes worth five thousand paces in the philippines. But this is like 100.
But jon just told me just krump simply pay you like and then well just gonna check it out later. So i said buttocks pants. That dont look for the price dont look for the price.
I want you to feel comfortable. When you were working because it will hurt your legs. So if when it comes to work.
Then you should buy something that is constable not that not something cheaper all right. I dont know we keep arguing about this over and over for a fast few days. Now but anyways so im happy im so grateful because of my husband really care about me.
Hes really great hes so amazing. Im so blessed to have him but of course you know we have this tradition that we dont want to buy something bad. We still have something to use right a new one so anyway.
So wait am. I look at this the thing. Here is that look at their soul here.
Its really like cool. Its not we dont like the something. Because yeah.
I dont like it when i walk and then its like my my what i call this my toes are really trying to and what do you call that you know what do you call it but anyways so yeah so its really cool.

under armour womens training shoes-3
under armour womens training shoes-3

Because you can use the bluetooth to count your steps right so its really cool okay. So lets go check it out. Im going to try wearing it yeah.
Ill just gonna use this socks. That actually we we got here earlier when were trying im using this kind of socks when i try on the shoes music. Its just fair.
Its really nice. Its really comfortable the soul is really flat. So youre.
Its not a magic phone soul okay. People so i hope that you enjoy watching this video. But before i let you go guys again.
I just wanted to give you a quick recap about this shoes. That i have purchased so this is and under armour shoes. I choose the black one and the size of my issue.
My choose is six and a half. Its a us side and this is hundred dollars okay. We bought it at academy outlet.
Yeah so yeah. This is really so comfortable guys. I like it im really wearing it i hope that this will gonna stay longer and works well for me.
When i start working so ill go ronnie. Today. His words i need to do exercise before i start working to really ready my muscles right for the eight hours standing alright.
So guys thank you so much for watching this video. I really appreciate youve been following me all over and um. Ill see you in my neck video always keep you in mind music.

under armour womens training shoes-4
under armour womens training shoes-4

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