Uploading an Avatar on VRChat with Unity – Lesson – Ep #23

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Everyone casas here today. Im going to show you how to get an avatar avatar that you downloaded purchased or commissioned on the vr check and its actually simple um besides downloading in help a loading process is probably taking there five minutes. So lets get right onto it so the first thing youll need is unity and the unity that you need would be the one thats displayed on the vr chat sdk website.
Ill place a link to this description. Below. And the virgin will change constantly so should make sure you go to the site and get the latest.
One that it recommends so we need the one released on april 28th 2017. So go. Here april 28th 2017.
This one and either download. The one for windows or mac. Or for me.
I just found this one that way i wont need to download it again from the manager. So i got this one downloaded and if you see over here. I have it already pre downloaded yep and its this one right here.
The next thing youll need is the sdk package. So thats the one right here so need to log into your account log into my account here go to downloads on the left. And download this right here and once you press that youll end up right here with this package next thing.
Youll need is the avatar self so i just use this one as this example sarah and you download the avatar. So click here to download it and i have that downloaded right here sarah and i proponents and the next thing youll need is the requirements of the avatar itself. So this requires dynamic bones and cube shaders.
So usually. When you download an avatar. Um.
The creator will also tell you what packages are needed. And sometimes. The creator will provide it sometimes you need to get it yourself.
But in this case. The creator was kind enough to provide it so you provided links to download both of all. And you can see right here.
I have them both pre downloaded as well so once we were done with that we have everything we need downloaded here youll need to install unity double click on that let it load in unity will take me to be about five minutes to install so just keep going next next. Now. And i already have unity installed.
So ill close out of this so can launch of unity. Give it a second and make sure you have the right version of unity launched on you might have downloaded a previous version of unity for something else so make sure you have this correct version right here. And it displays right here on the top left corner.
And now you can start a new project for your avatar lets just call this the our chat avatars avatars there we go and just start it up just give it a minute for the project to be created and were in so. The first thing you need to do is import the vr. Chat.
Sdk and you just drag it right into. Here. The assets folder.
And this will take maybe about three to five minutes depending on how fast your pc is and just go here and press. Import and let it go and we will skip through this portion. So you dont have to wait along with me alright.
So. Hopefully youre back from your coffee. Break.
And now. The vr chat. Sdk has finished importing.
So this splash screen will pop up as soon as its done you can read through this later. And just close it for now and you can see right here. That its already imported next thing.
We want to do is import required packages. So lets import cube shaders. This will take a bit not as long as the vr chat sdk.
But ill just go ahead and press import and give it maybe one or two minutes. And well skip through this portion as well alright. So that finished importing the splash screen pop right back up again and close that and you can see the cube.
Shaders are imported next one important dynamic. Though so ill just go ahead and press that give it a second and import it right in all right. So the splash screen popped up again we closed.
It and now we can see dynamic bones is imported as well next thing. We want to import is actual model itself so sarah double click sarah and let an import all right so saris them were importing as well youll see see right here. Vic sara.
And youll see this on little guess unity. I cant shake file. And youll want to double click.
This its not always named the same as avatar some time and its named open me or click here well after you double click here youll see the model pop up right here and you can use the middle scroll button on your mouse to zoom in on the character then you can press in on the middle button to move up down left right and if you want to change the angle of how you see the avatar you use the right mouse button. Then you can use middle mouse button to move again and we can get a closer look of the avatar youre about to upload and one thing you want to make sure of um go to the inspector click sara on the left. And you want to make sure that theres no blueprint id.
Right here under the pipeline manager.

how to upload an avatar to vrchat-0
how to upload an avatar to vrchat-0

There is all its attached to someone elses account home the person might have forgot to click cleared it before on they uploaded it on to the vrc mods or gave it to. But ill make sure. Theres no blueprint id.
Here and if there is one egypt. Theres a detach button. Here that will pop up and you just press detach well first we want to make sure to log into the vr chat is dk so lets do that lets go to settings go here log right in yep and then another thing you want to make sure of is that your avatar creator status is allowing you to upload avatars if youre not allowed to that means you havent spent enough hours.
In vr chat. Yet. So youll need to wait a bit.
Um alternative is just get a friend to upload it and you can clone. It telling can do it yourself. Thats thats just the way it works.
So were logged in we can the publish avatars now and you can see. Here. Yep.
Um. This button has also appeared so it allows you detach and attach. But its blank so its good next thing you want to do is go to vrs chat sdk and click the show build panel and then you click build and publish and that will take a myth.
A few minutes just give it some time be patient. Ill be done soon um. In later tutorials.
We can also cover changing the scale over here. Were also uploading a custom profile picture for your avatar. When youre in a social tab.
But um for now were just gonna get this working alright. So it looks likes its done of course. The splash screen pops right up again for some reason you can use your middle mouse button to zoom out that way you can see and close this alright maybe not you can use a scalp under zoom at at least that way you can see this entire menu right here.
So you can see the profile image for your avatar right now. Its just the rabbit are doing a tee pose. Um.
And future tutorials. We can cover it on how to get a custom image on there but for now. Lets just make it so its not that awkward you see the t bos we might just want to see the face so you can click on this camera.
It shows. What will appear on your profile picture. So you can use this to zoom in closer to your face.
Is just to move it up a bit higher. When its a bit better of a picture rather than just an awkward t pose and now were done just name it well name it sara and amy call. It version one and then we can go ahead.
And publish it you have to agree here. And also the sharing tab here. If you have a private right now as a the current version of the our chat.
We have private check people cant clone. It that maintain janitor who knows. But if you want people to be able to clone it you need to check public.
Were gonna just use private from now just click upload and then this will take a couple minutes again so just be patient and wait for it all right so it looks like that took a few minutes. But its now have done this message pop up update complete launch 4 yard chat to see your uploaded content one thing. We can do to verify that shes actually uploaded is go to here and go to show manage upload content right here if you scroll all the way down youll see yep shes uploaded and you can also make her public right here that way youll have to be upload her and that way um.
If you want to share to make public really quick allow someone to clone it come back and make it private um. So anyways lets go check up on her alright. So just go to the mirror and change your avatar to her so right here.
Change yep and you can see here right here. And you can test out our expressions. With the shift.
F. 150. F.
250. F. 350.
4. Well. Thats creepy.
Shift. F5. Shift.
F6. Chef. To have seven drift.
F8 and just left one through. We just reset the expression again and test our movements out do an email maybe wave. And we also do a cheer yep so it looks like shes all done that wasnt so hard was it so thank you for following along this tutorial.
And well be back with more thank you bye now music. .

how to upload an avatar to vrchat-1
how to upload an avatar to vrchat-1

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