Using Nyquil for Sleep

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Everybody and welcome to jeff the pharmacist. Its an honor to have you here. Here.
So today. I wanted to talk about using night well as a sleep aid. I did make a video about zico kind of discussing kind of other options that people can use if they are inclined to go to z quo.
Because i think theres a lot of um. You know theres a lot of brand loyalty and stuff. And people are under the impression that is equal and nyquil are related.
But theyre not so in my wayward youth. I used to use nine koalas asleep eight even when i didnt have you know a cough or a cold not that its a bad thing. But i did use nyquil to sleep.
And what i wanted to discuss is what is it in iqual that makes you sleep. So theres actually an antihistamine in nyquil called doxylamine. Which helps you sleep.
And theres really only two over the counter drugs that help you sleep. So the first one is diphenhydramine. Which is the more popular product.
Its its in benadryl. So its a its an antihistamine. It its really a powerful antihistamine people often use it if they have allergic reactions to drugs like skin reactions or people use it to sleep.
Its really a powerful drug. It has a lot of effects. Its has a lot of side effects.
So the older antihistamines have across the blood brain barrier. So they get into your cerebral spinal fluid and they cause drowsiness they cause all kinds of side effects. Because of that newer antihistamine is like claritin allegra.
They dont get into your blood brain. They dont cross your blood brain barrier. So i dont really cause you to feel super drowsy.
You know tired and theres also other kind of cholinergic effects with benadryl or doxylamine cholinergic effects refer to effects of the drug by binding onto the acetylcholine receptors. So you know you can imagine like you have a drug thats super targeted for one receptor in your and its very effective at doing one thing. But benadryl kind of a text a lot of different things and thats why you have all these kind of effects cholinergic effects are like dry eyes dry mouth constipation urinary retention and these really affect especially older.
People that often already have dry mouth and thing they might have issues with constipation especially if they take benadryl all the time or if they use higher doses and often older people have problems sleeping. So they might be the ones that are taking these sleep aids. So i find it kind of interesting that vicks the people that make the vicks products decided to take the they have the nyquil product.
Which has doxylamine and then the sequal product does not use that same sleep. A which i find kind of odd. I figured they would just use the same sleeping because people that kind of are responding to nyquil are probably the people that are buying the sequal product.

how long does it take for nyquil to work-0
how long does it take for nyquil to work-0

So the actual active ingredient in nyquil is called doxylamine and that is in like the light orangish unisom. So theres a blue unisom and then theres like kind of the light orangish unisom that has i cant really describe the color difficult to describe with the colors. But its um.
Its the nuts its not the blue one its like the light orange. Just one and thats the one that has doxylamine in it so if youre somebody who responds to nyquil you might respond to that light orange unisom. So i just find it odd that they that they decided to not use doxylamine in the product.
And really. Theres only two drugs over the counter for better uses sleep aids. Really doxylamine end up diphenhydramine.
There is melatonin. Which i wont talk about now. But melatonin is i find out because its considered a dietary supplement like vitamins and minerals.
Its in that same class of regulation. But its actually a hormone. Its a for hormone in the body.
So i find it strange that its kind of regulated that way. But it is so some of the downsides. I discussed kind of that cholinergic side effects of these antihistamines like doxylamine and diphenhydramine.
But other downsides are you know when you take these drugs to sleep. Youre gonna find in the morning and one might affect you more than the other so its you know might be diphenhydramine is worse than doxylamine. I think for myself.
I found that diphenhydramine is a little bit worse as a sleep aid as far as the hangover effect in the morning and theres this effect. The next morning. Where you wake up and youre just kind of groggy and i think thats because the medication hasnt completely worn off and youre you know you have to start your day.
So you might find yourself drinking like six cups of coffee in the morning just to kind of like almost like get out of your house and start your your day. I dont really use things to sleep. Anymore use drugs like over the counter drugs to sleep.
Anymore because ive found that ive kind of changed my lifestyle a bit to help me sleep. So i think that your ability to sleep is genetic. So theres people that have probably some genetic predisposition to being able to sleep like my mother can sleep instantly anywhere if she could sleep all the time if she wanted to you know its like im bored.
Im just going to fall asleep and then you know my dad of course is the opposite. He can never sleep so i think theres some kind of a genetic predisposition to that and whats helpful is trying to control for your lifestyle. So there are things that help you sleep.
But i think the biggest one that has helped me sleep is exercise. So i i made a video about it i started training for the ironman. But just running and having your legs a little sore for some reason.
Its bizarre. But actually i mean like a little soreness and your legs just helps you fall asleep. I dont know why or just muscle soreness.

how long does it take for nyquil to work-1
how long does it take for nyquil to work-1

I think helps you fall asleep maybe. Its a trigger for your body. Theyre like oh.
We need you know he needs more sleep. So well let him sleep. But other things that are a general sleep hygiene things are limiting that your booze like just kind of not drinking too much drinking totally screws.
Up your sleep. Wake cycles. So.
If you drink to fall asleep. Youre totally suppressing your rem. Sleep.
And youre going to have youre going to have diminished. Sleep quality and then sometimes people experience a hangover and often a hangover. It can cause insomnia because it can jack up your heart rate.
It can cause you know anxiety and stuff. So i wouldnt use alcohol. Definitely minimizing alcohol is just generally a good generally a good practice.
But it is important as far as sleep goes now if youre one of these people that can sleep. No matter. What it probably doesnt matter for you im.
But i mean obviously. Its good not to drink too much one thing. That also helps is if youre about to go to sleep like and maybe in next couple hours.
You youre trying to kind of calm yourself down like dimming the lights in the house. You know not having too many lights on and just kind of preparing yourself kind of visually for sleep. So youre.
There are theres a visual component of the sleep. Wait qz that your body has so having less light going to your eyes kind of makes you more tired. I think thats why you know on a cloudy day people take more naps and stuff.
Theres just let less light keeping them kind of a wait. Another thing is using the the bed for for sleep purposes. Not as like a lounge chair.
So people often will read in bed and do all these things in bed maybe theyll eat potato chips smoked cigarettes. I dont know mark their calendar. Do homework all these things people do in bed.
But if youre if youre somebody who has trouble sleeping. Really you should be using your bed. As as you sleep or you know mate you know for sex of course.

how long does it take for nyquil to work-2
how long does it take for nyquil to work-2

But really avoiding using it as an office as your couch. I mean i know some people just dont have room like when i was in college. I didnt have like the only privacy.
I could probably get was in my room. And i didnt want to go out into the living room. Sometimes so i understand that but if you can avoid it i wouldnt sit in you know sit in bed.
And the next thing first sleep hygiene is avoiding sleeping in so. I dont want to be like the big party pooper. But if youre waking up at 6 00.
For work and then on the weekends. Youre sleeping. Until 1.
00. Or something crazy like that youre jacked up theres no way to really fix it if youre somebody that has problems sleeping. So you know maybe sleeping until 7.
00 or 8. 00. Or.
If you want to be a champion get up at 4 00. 4. 00.
You know you know what i mean. But definitely sleeping in till. 1.
00 or 2. 00 is not good one here. If youre concerned about your sleep hygiene.
So um. I hope you all found this interesting. If you are somebody who responds a lot an ike well check out the its like the light orange unisom or whatever your store generic is or you know ask your pharmacist.
They can point you in direct in the direction. A lot of these drugs have side effects and interactions so definitely check with your pharmacist. If youre on different medications.
And see if its safe to take because um sleepings actually do have a lot of concerns with them like i said. Theres a hangover effect older people that take them sometimes. It can cause them to be drowsy in the morning.
Get up and have a fall break a hip and you know its downhill from there so a lot of these little drug things you know side effects with drugs have bigger consequences than we really think about so i hope you all found this in thing. If you did please give me. A thumbs up.
Please. Subscribe would be an honor to have you as a subscriber. I want to thank you guys for watching thanks a lot .

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how long does it take for nyquil to work-3

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