Van holtens hot pickle review!!

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Is going on you two this is black bugatti with another food review and today. Today. We are reviewing van houtens hot pickles.
Thats right bad holtons pickle and this review was sponsored by mr. Dylan lehman out there in the great state of canada. The 51st state and he is funding this product review.
But no hes not letting me off easy not only does he want me to eat the pickle. But he wants me to drink the juice as well. I think i have a gray hair make it that fucker.
Ill worry about it later. So i dont know what kind of sexual erotic feelings. Hes gonna get from this review.
But its there i may come out of pickle and juice. I mean come on do i need to spell it out for you guys. But hey listen hes a great subscriber of mine and i dont care what he likes to do behind closed bolt closed doors.
I think its rather than discussing is sick. But that is not my concern or business. And neither should it be the governments anyways.
Lets get this started. Were going to now first of all you know these things. Its just like okay.
Here you know i did a little easy now i dont know how to tear. Something open cuz. Im a fucking moron so im just gonna use my scissors cuz fuck this alright so says tear here you cant fucking tear it all right.
Ive got the hot and spicy flavor. Oh this is gonna taste really good. Hows that for the dumbbell.
How about this one yeah. But hes that one for the thumbnail hey there you go. Thank.
You okay. So. The circumference of this pickle is quite big and thats really really gay.
But its okay to be gay right because the media tells us. Its okay to be gay. Its really not im just kidding gay guys.
Im not alright lets get this video this video started so i dont know what to do man. Hey. Should i just fucking make this video.
Ten minutes long its like the russells review assholes. So they get two extra commercial. What a bunch of cocksuckers all right lets get this started okay that was the easy part there comes the difficult part.
I got a drink all this pickle juice should i do it in one shot. Or it looks like theres about four ounces of pickle juice guys still got some pickle juice left hey he paid his money for the review. Hes gonna get his money with disdain one of these days on my fucking.
Im such a fucking slob thats what she said all right oh crap do you know how many women watch my channel in wish that i was the husband and father of their children. Instead of that sorry son of a bitch bastard that they picked 20 years ago. I bet you its more than two so anyways thats my review.
I give to pickle the seven who the fuck doesnt love a good pickle dont be gay dude. Dont be gay anyways. Thank you guys for watching this review and if you want me to review something next time you know what to do hit the paypal.
The description is below catch up with you on the flipside peace out .

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