WARNING: HOLY SH*T!! | Whack The Burglars

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Everybody my name is markiplier and welcome to whack the burglars now you guys mentioned mentioned when i played whack the boss superhero edition which you can see in the in the description below if you havent seen already then i missed out on this one. And i figured with my brand new blood red hair. What better way to celebrate than beating all the blood out of poor.
Unsuspecting burglars. Yes. Theyre the victims here look.
They just look so fun to have a good time. I dont even know what they said there i dont even know what ethnicity they are oh. What i dont have a bed.
I got a pretty good guard dog. Though find a way to kill all the burglars okay fine else need to turn on my mouse. What thing okay much better now alright how am i going to murder you horribly this object requires a second to work why oh this is new what what am i gonna use with the candelabra.
This is a three item combo. Dont miss her there will be consequences huh. Talking about.
Oh. God oh. Why my my dog is just looking at me like well.
I guess. Im gonna need a new owner now damn it lego an incompetent death you activated your first fail. Kill.
Before actually killed the burglar. Im a loser baby. Oh.
God i dont want to share this to facebook. Yeah. Dad fire.
Okay now were gonna get to the heart of the issue here. Which is this guy. Thats not exactly a fireplace.
Thats thats fire power music. There was so many bullets that it lagged out the computer and couldnt stop looping through oh boy okay. Lets not do a three one combo.
Lets try to find the solution to make this candelabra work movie movie. Plus. Why i dont know what the movie plus.
I dont know movie post game. Oh my god whys there gotta be combo systems. Im not smart enough to figure this out.
Im barely smart enough to press buttons. Oh hey. It worked of course.
The remote in the movie. Oh around music. Oh oh.
Its just gonna stay. Here. Were gonna be watching this for a long time.
Hes gaping and beer aww and ecstasy at working that hes seen before him. Oh. My god horrifying game console class.
I dont know hey dude are you doing there. Oh god. This is made by the same guy that made wack your neighbors.
Wow. Whack your neighbor also in the description and the man. He kind of improved on his style a little bit.
He or she whoever made it i have no idea maybe. It was a team damn so are there gonna be just you activated your first combo kill hi danny i get it with the bits of a beam of the movie in the road. I dont need to share that youre dumb.
And i dont like you mirror okay mirror mirror on the wall whos the dentist of the mouth. Oh whats that entirely necessary i mean i guess the alternative is that whos gonna shoot you in the face. I dont know why hes just taking the time to let you do that oh there we go okay.
I got it. Oh. Thats good okay.
The non lethal solution. The best of them. All this is gonna go great.
Ray. No one died okay. I forget that go get him whiskey.
Wait do i combine him with the whiskey. His name is whiskey. I can combine him with whiskey.
It seems like youve done to you oh okay by then i guess everythings oh geez.

who is the burglar in the westing game-0
who is the burglar in the westing game-0

I guess. Its not oh. Thats pretty bad oh.
Well applause thanks grandma you have a good day. Grandma dont worry ill clean up this mess grandma. What did you do whiskey youre trembling in fear.
Oh. My god all right what about this bear bear. And what else.
Its a complicated son of a bitch. I music got one oh i got one what thats not oh hes that stupid hes just gonna start picking him up oh. Oh god damn.
It music how does that work how did he blow through the sand labra. Oh okay right on ah what a tasty cigar. I think oh no wait the poker was also deadly and let that be a lesson smoking kills or something like that lamp.
I dont know how youre gonna be devious about this one for that one you must have super strength you said it right through his heart god damn ah. There we go cat and dog have adam boys. Its not okay oh.
Man. That cat did a number on it i mean. The dog did too i dont exactly know what organ that is on the ground over there but i dont know hundred proof whiskey.
Im not gonna breathe fire in his face. No im just gonna beat him in the face with it be a little uncreated. Oh.
Im gonna light him on fire. There you go. Oh.
Thats horrifying. Oh there we go curtains and a baseball bat you know these logically dont go well together no no i have a gun. But im not gonna use it music music okay all righty then baggy nails bagging nails.
Were gonna bag of nails. Probably that was a thing i got it right off the bat. I mean quite literally what wait a minute nails here we go air freshener plus cigar on how this epic goggles gonna work oh yeah share with your enemy its gotta be good it was already lit.
What do you mean is there a light it was already lit. I just busted music. I dont know if air freshener works like that if it does im gonna be very much more careful about the air freshener dance at my own home because that seems like its unsafe corkscrew.
Lets go basic here. Yep. Just stand.
There oh man. He never runs away okay. Oh okay.
Its like oh man. Its like the three stooges. But the bloody and brutal version is horrible.
Its not dead your head. Im just gonna leave him there okay yeah. I gotta find this candelabras situation.
Oh oh. There we go okay found it found the one or maybe. Its to i dont know could be to what is he gonna do im gonna wait five minutes for this to happen okay you waited five minutes for your own doom okay.
Im cool with it its fine cushion. Im not gonna smother him is he gonna stay there so long hes just gonna let me smother him with a pillow. Really okay music what is happening to society.
What are we taking our children. Why is this happening. Oh for the entertainment of you of course.
Oh. Here. We go.
Thats a new one. So. The remote combo.
With oh. Thomas. Six.
Years old. Ah. Oh.
Yes. Okay then good thing. That channel is always available.
Who knows. When thats actually gonna get me alright and now im just gonna watch that on tv well i just relax on the couch at my grandmas and the other room and my dog watches great oh oh thats easy thats rather simpler okay. You might want to thank.
You you put up your go.

who is the burglar in the westing game-1
who is the burglar in the westing game-1

Well oh okay. That was rather inventive. I guess i could have gone up and bunch do.
But id rather beat him with logic things in the kitchen. Oh whos where grandma was oh hey buddy hi buddy how are you doing i dont know what well this rather sad music. I can already tell that this guy is regretting all the decisions that hes made he doesnt even want to be here.
Hes just trying to feed his family. Hes just trying to live a good life. But gods throne to the sidelines with one too many times and was turning a wrong corner around a wrong bender.
Hes not a bad guy. Hes just in a bad situation. Hes got a family to love and care for hes got so many things to do in his life.
And hes probably today here we go splat. I was hoping this was gonna be quicker and a little less dramatic. Its kind of putting me in a situation.
Where its not not quite so shit fuck ass bags. Oh. God what do i combine with it.
Then click goddamn everything there. We go there we go. Thats the dramatic sysm that i wanted there we go music.
He wasnt a bad guy. Hes made some bad decisions in his life like stealing my prized diamond. My god okay all right what else we got kettle kettle plus.
What cattle plus. What do what cattle plus. What do what put the frick stop that but i got it apparently what that wasnt what i i had the kettle.
Oh was that a triple. Did. I do a triple.
Oh baby. Oh. No so sad okay.
All righty. Then whoa. There we go cutting board and knives.
How would i not know you stay right there i know youre confused. But just wait dont move anywhere and let it happen really music come on man really did he die that punishment enough you get out of here with that warning. Ill keep your fingers to remember you.
By oh. God all right pan beat him over the head and be done with it oh. Its almost comical.
Id be laughing. It was if it wasnt horrifying sink. Virgin.
Oh no oh god the blender. Oh dont do it buddy. Its not even plugged in lovely now we got a nice pot of blood over there hmm.
I got groceries. Oh. Boy.
Playing. Oh. Knives.
Yeah. Oh wow. Thats good aim.
Hey. Good job. What are you laughing.
Everything was fine you just had to laugh. He would have let you go probably not he was good to go this guys oh there we go somehow cheese grater iron and rolling baby. Im gonna use the frying pan for some reason music music.
Why what happened did aliens abduct him and think he was one of their own. What did you do whose. Oh confuse did that one buddy shiny.
Oh is that distance uh. No. Its just okay was there a washing machine in the kitchen at what point does this just reach pierre psychopathy.
Oh. No thats vinegar applause music. I have to clean that up now.
But thats my primary concern yes. I did it but also it has to be cleaned up you gotta open that door eventually oh there we go cooking stove annoying dont worry about it thats gonna grease you up good when i stuff your face onto the go never mind music yep. Dont mind the smell of that ill just get a nice midnight snack.
My appetite sure is hungry there we go microwave and whatever the hell that is again with the knocking of the out with the extinguisher of fire alrighty.

who is the burglar in the westing game-2
who is the burglar in the westing game-2

Then i dont want to know what that is i dont know. 101. Where am.
I going what am i doing applause music. What did that do oh. What is that oh take it off you can take it off.
Whats keeping you in. There. Yeah.
Except your faith. Yep. Okay.
Oh. God. Oh.
God oh. God. Oh.
God. Thats how monsters from silent. Hill.
Are made fire. Extinguisher back to the simple ones yep. This old jazz.
No. Oh oh. Thats all it was doesnt door.
I dont know whats there something in the basement is he gonna be in the basement. So we got to make a trip down to the basement was in the basement. Oh.
48. Hours later music. Oh.
Thats just sadistic. At that point okay. Ah okay.
Vinegar. In the kitchen see oh yep here we go the old mainstay bang okay sorry about that but im not sorry at all im probably gonna do something horrible to you not that ive ever done anything nice guys the spider. One was in that oh thats not what vinegar do i i swear to you it was just vinegar.
You could you could drink it its probably fine. Oh freezer plus. An ice pick of course.
It was so obvious how could i not ive seen it thunk. Oh here we go hmm and then were gonna freeze him up and then were gonna you forgot his afro nice job making the sound effects for the ding ding. Hes kind of already long dead.
It really was no need for that what no hang on here. Thats thats not right wait a minute. I i have a few questions about this this is breaking new ground for science here and i feel like you found all combo kills.
Ray and i guess this is the only last comment that kill i have a feeling himself in there he could have just good just falling down the hole. And he would have been fine oh boy and thats all oh god damn it youve unlocked the savage burglar mode. I dont know what that is what am i done what are we done what does this click the button fast what button what am i what am i clicking music music.
Oh god is he still alive at first. I was playing a fun reaction time game. But now it seems like maybe can you even dodge at this point.
Im gonna try oh i missed sorry i missed. Oh you got a new toy isnt that delightful for witzke. Oh.
My god yay coming next. Whack. The serial killer.
You mean you it better be whacking. This spiky. Haired psycho.
Okay. So that is whack the burglar yeah. I gotta admit.
Theres a lot of creativity in there not good. Though. But a lot of it so.
Thank you everybody so much for watching. Thank you for suggesting this game. Hope.
You enjoyed it let me know in the comments. If he did or at least. Enjoyed me squirming in agony at it.
But thanks again and as always i will see you in the next video music music. .

who is the burglar in the westing game-3
who is the burglar in the westing game-3

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