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Kind of leader. Are you are you the leader with the long screwdriver tinkering in in every single aspect of whats happening in your organization. Or are you the whos interested in the wash.
The purpose of the organization. But leaves the how to the brilliant minds that youve employed or are you the leader whos busy thinking about the fact that yours is bigger than mine whatever type of leader you are regardless whether its in your school or your community or your organization. The impact of your leadership is profound particularly on employee engagement.
Gallup. Tell us that employee engagement worldwide. Is at an all time.
Low. People are feeling utterly. Unfulfilled at work mostly due to the transactional nature of the type of work which they do a way to increase engagement is to think about how your employees feel at work.
How do they feel when theyre walking through the door in the morning that matters. Keeping your employees engaged means that they will stay with your organization. And you can grow them into something great i know from personal experience as a business graduates climbing my way ferociously to the top of the organization.
My job was to make money and i did i made lots of money but deep down. I was utterly unfulfilled and miserable. I had to adopt a persona of arrogance in the quite macho culture.
I found myself in luckily on a very rare trip home because i was too busy to visit one of my parents pulled me aside and said they didnt recognize who i was anymore quite a shock. But it actually got me thinking that the values that i had picked up as a child had been totally put to the side in this need for recognition and this ambition to make money. Luckily i got to pursue a very different career path and i started studying the area of emotions and emotional intelligence and how it impacts on organizations and in particularly decision.
Making. This has led me here today to talk to you about a piece of research. Were doing looking at the aspect of leadership behaviors.

who is more likely to be an expressive leader?-0
who is more likely to be an expressive leader?-0

I along with my colleagues. Vulture olivier and holton are working on building. A set of behaviors.
For a new leadership. Paradigm. Called ego and eco intelligence.
Let. Me explain. The ego is something that the ancient greeks.
Described as i am that essential part of the human needs to create a sense of identity. So that you can make sense of who you are in the world you can draw a big circle around yourself and stand comfortably in it and say this is my circle. This is what i stand for and you can compare the size of your circle to the people who have their circle over there the ego is hugely important it helps us to create boundaries around who we are figure out our identity.
Its very dual in its logic. Its very black its either black or white. Its got a real sense of right and wrong and will usually try and eliminate what it perceives morally.
As wrong. The ego is an essential part of creating purpose and drive in organizations hence. Why we put such charismatic characters into power.
We imagine they can do all sorts of things for us they can drive success they can lead us into spaces that we never really would probably do ourselves. So the ego is a hugely important thing. The problem with ego is that if its overdone.
Its a bit of a disaster. I know that my experience when i did wrecking industry. I was terribly unpopular one of my bosses pulled me aside at one point and said that nobody wanted to manage me me.

who is more likely to be an expressive leader?-1
who is more likely to be an expressive leader?-1

He said. I was difficult i was always angry and frustrated in every meeting and nothing was right and actually what had started to happen was this arrogance. I spoke of earlier had just permeated into my being and i had created my ego and identity based on this need for recognition and ambition.
I hadnt build my ego on something sensible like my values or my virtues are all those good things that ive picked up as a child and so it became my unravelling when we trust leaders. We tend to follow them and trust is a really important part of the equation for leadership leaders green and meister talk about the trust equation. And they talk about the fact that there is some key ingredients necessary to build trust credibility reliability intimacy.
But what can enhance or totally topple this over is the degree of self orientation. And if the self orientation. Which is the overdone ego is done too much then people turn away.
We all know the people who love to talk about themselves endlessly so. The stuckness of the ego is evident everywhere especially in the corporate world the uber boss. Travis kalanick is suffering from that right now the ego has become stuck all of the skills and qualities.
That he had to create a whole new economy around the gig economy has now been his undoing. I see it all the time walking into organizations. You know that the ego orientation has become stuck.
When you see the oil painting of the ceo at reception or the multitude of car parking spaces by the senior team like a nice close proximity to the front door or the top floor of this corporate head office with the plush carpets. Where they have a separate canteen away from the employees thats when you know the egos in trouble the corporate graveyard of the financial crash is another good example of this ego stuckness silicon valley are facing the same fate. Right now what they have started off doing.
Which was around building and sharing and creating knowledge has become about power and about money lets talk about eco eco intelligent leadership is derived from the term ecological or ecosystem and we know that in the ecosystem living organisms relate to one another and their physical surroundings in order to survive eco intelligent leadership is similar to this you wont see an organic ram. They wont hand you a big organizational hierarchy. When you go in the door.
So you can figure out whos in charge. Here. They will be interested in how they can create bigger better things with the differences they have in front of them they will create interdependent.

who is more likely to be an expressive leader?-2
who is more likely to be an expressive leader?-2

But autonomous teams they will think about markets that nobody has thought about they will expand the boundaries. We have noticed in our research that the employee. The employee engagement and in particular is enhanced by this eco intelligent leadership.
Weve noticed that eco intelligent leaders are high on emotional intelligence. Theyre able to manage their emotions. They describe feeling really calm no matter what the situation is and so they can be other regarding.
They can focus on the others that are in front of them. They also have this tendency to want to serve they have reached the peak. The pinnacle of feeling that they have enough for themselves and now they want to do stuff for other people they want to leave a legacy not a monument or a building named out named after them they want to leave a proper legacy.
Which will be the benefit of others mandela. Abraham lincoln. Would be great examples of such type of leaders.
Howard schultz from starbucks who took over ten years ago is another example of somebody who took a business. Which was stagnating and worked really hard on engaging his employees. Ensuring that race relations were taken care of ensuring that education was open and available to his people.
The bottom line has reaped huge benefits because of this type of leadership. Its evident from the last twenty to thirty years that the world has leaned very much in an eco intelligent fashion globalization open door boundaries free trade. The free flow of goods and people would suggest to us that eco intelligent leadership is something that prevailed.
And i know from from sitting in a strategy module twenty years ago. That was the way forward. However perhaps we leaned too far in the direction.
And now the world has swung violently in the opposite direction towards ego. Intelligent leadership they want structure they want boundaries they want to preserve their identity. They want protectionism.

who is more likely to be an expressive leader?-3
who is more likely to be an expressive leader?-3

They want nationalism because they feel like theyve lost something hence. We have brexit. We have the current us super powers.
So its not about setting up a false dichotomy here. Im not suggesting that you should have lots of one and none of the other there are merits and pitfalls to both of these types of leadership. We know that ego leadership is fantastic for speed and focus and getting things going and and driving things through.
We know that eco leadership is fantastic for listening to conflict. Not dampening it down and creating consensus. But building something even bigger and better.
There are pitfalls to both too much ego can ensure that there is rigidity stuckness as i described earlier too much eco and it all becomes a bit drifty lack of decision making lack of focus. So what do you need so. The question.
I pose to you at the start was what kind of leader are you thats an essential part of deciding how many we have these behaviors that you need or not becoming self aware figuring out who you really are figuring out what your values and your virtues are will allow you to build up an identity thats set on a very solid foundation. This foundation will then help you to decide what are your areas that you want what behaviors do need more of do you need more ego do you need more eco. One could go back to travis kalanick.
And say perhaps. There was too much ego here. How about some eco intelligent leadership instead of fighting every single area that you go into.
Why not work with the stakeholders. That are there and try and create something even bigger and better so its really all about what works for you as a leader and this isnt a cloak that you put on and its on indefinitely. Its something that you use every time you walk into a situation.
And you say do i need more ego here or more eco. So you can decide for us. Its going to be a very interesting journey as researchers finding out how these behaviors impact on employee engagement and hopefully making our organizations a much better and more interesting place to work thank you you .

who is more likely to be an expressive leader?-4
who is more likely to be an expressive leader?-4

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