What SUCKS about VRBO!

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Welcome back to my channel. Were talking about a new series. Its either either are you a fan of the scam or not a fan of the scam today were tagging vrbo or verbal verbal jazz hands ferb oh youve seen the ads theyre running everywhere that sort of thing.
I dont know if you know this. But there is some scamming going on with the service fees with vrbo. So let me show you a few of them that i saw okay so before school starts want to get a quick little trip in just go somewhere.
I have some fun sit on the beach. Do something. So we decided lets check out vrbo find a cool little house on the on the ocean somewhere on the beach somewhere figure out.
Where we want to go there. And lets just go there for a couple days chill out thats what were gonna do anyways so i started doing some research. We started looking at hilton head myrtle beach basically all up and down the beaches on the east coast.
Because thats close enough or we can make a drive to it so ill give you an example of what i didnt like when i saw and went to vrbo so here we did a search on hilton head in south carolina. Very nice beaches we wanted something close to there and we found something we wanted to say right 200 is 250 per night budget. So and were going to bring gracie so we checked off the pets.
We want to get something with good. Reviews. Excellent.
They do reviews out here. Awesome. Oh.
Thats great gives me. A little. Matt tells.
Me where im at so i start looking at it 200 a night for two nights should roughly be 400 plus some taxes and fees. But what i didnt expect is that for two nights.

how to leave a review on vrbo-0
how to leave a review on vrbo-0

Fortuner dollars a night that that 400 and some fees would actually be 746 dollars and 30 cents. So thats like double. What i thought it would end up being right so were talking almost 400 a night to stay for two nights.
So then i thought lets look at these fees. So i clicked on the details two nights 399 perfect got that owner fees guest fee of 40 not sure where really what that is doesnt just a guest fee. I guess i dont know so i have that housekeeping fee a hundred thirty dollars keep in mind theyre not staying there and cleaning it multiple times.
Its just one son move up right so 130 for the two nights of housekeeping fees reservation fee. I guess using this service snub cant be thats this service so its a reservation fee for the owners for thirty two dollars and fifteen cents for two nights. Okay good then service fees.
What are those there are sixty seven dollars of service fees. If you click on the little question mark it tells you vrbo vrbo provides a safer more secure booking experience couple of 24 hour customer service seven days a week for your trip. Wait a minute how often am i gonna call them at midnight and what is vrbo gonna do for me.
If i have a problem nothing nada cannot do anything for you so we did this once we booked a cabin in the woods fantastic we do some four wheeling some dirt biking gonna have a good family trip up there got all the way up there there were snakes in the cabin. If you havent seen that video. Its entertaining not so much for us because we had to leave in there snakes the cabins they come in the wild anyways.
But we cant think of you happy about that you know what vrbo did nothing not a thing. Oh you can write a review. Sure you can write a review on it.
But at the end of the day they did nothing for me before us so 67. Im throw money out the window fee thats what that really is so at the end of that and then you add some tax which everyone has to pay tax. So tax seventy eight dollars and fifteen cents so at the end of it seven hundred forty six dollars for two nights.
Thats ridiculous so im here to tell you is if you stay for a short period of time. And you want to get something for vrbo. A house or whatever.
We are bo check out the service fees. Because theyre ridiculous.

how to leave a review on vrbo-1
how to leave a review on vrbo-1

So maybe you think this is a one time thing. I dont know maybe vrbo allows your owners to up fees or down fees or whatever. So.
Lets take a second look at something else so we did a search here. Were gonna back up take a look. Lets do one more search.
All right pick something else. 280 a night. All right lets take a look at that to 80 and night so roughly what does to a night gets you hmm little under 600 hours right so nope wrong again its 252 and nights.
You expect to roughly 500 plus taxes nope. Its 876 dollars and 90 cents wow. So take a look at that one owner fees.
Okay. This one is a little bit different with owner fees they just like to ball them all up into one big chunk of money so instead of breaking it out 195 cleaning fee 195 for two nights that thing better be spotless when i get there damage protection fee of 30 on top of the 295 thats a new one so i guess. The owner is maybe can make up their own fees.
And then you have again the vrbo. Were gonna be there for you 24 7. But were not gonna really answer and you cant really do anything.
But you can provide a review for 79 night so at the end of the whole thing 876 for two nights. You know what kind of hotel. I could book for 400 a night what kind of hotel.
I could book for 1 night and with the with that kind of fees. Ill book a hotel for 300 a night and go for a nice dinner with my family for a hundred bucks every night thats what i would rather do that so anyways thats the second option. No one more time one more search just to prove a point looks like a pretty nice little place stuff deck on it alright sleep.
Seven thousand bucks or a thousand square feet two nights this ones neat. This is the best yet two nights two hundred twenty dollars per night double that right two nights.

how to leave a review on vrbo-2
how to leave a review on vrbo-2

So youre basically talking four hundred and forty dollars in tax nope nine hundred and sixty dollars in sixty seven cents nine sixty seven are you kidding me lets look at the owner fees on this one. Oh. I like these guys.
He says. It good hes good okay owner fees three hundred and forty nine dollars total for two nights three forty nine you have a guest services fee eighty nine bucks not sure what youre gonna do for services for me because youre already charging me a cleaning fee and everything else how its keeping fee for our housekeeping cleaning fee 130 for two nights a pet fee 130 for two nights so that grand told was 349 and then of course you pay the service fee with vrbo which i guess. This ones a little bit more because the extra 20 bucks 86 service fee.
So heres what id like to say about this when i do a search on vr be all verbal or her bow. According their ads ad in the permit. Fee should add in all that crap and divide by the number of nights.
Im there tell me that right from the beginning dont try to trick me with this 220 a night fee because thats ridiculous. If i have to pay nine sixty take nine 60 divide that by two thats your per night fee for two nights. Thats all you got to do i know the countrys hung up on common core.
Math. Even common core. Math.
People can figure out that youre doubling the fees. Stop wasting our time put all the fees on the listing page. When i do a search.
Were on to you ron do you vrbo so all this really is is trickery and scamming right because if i do a search on it and i get a whole list of properties that i want to take a look at which is what they give you on your initial search. And they tell you 151 54 per night 204 per night 280 per night. Its ridiculous you might as well double.
It to start with tell me exactly what im paying per night. And in all their whatever. The owner fees are the services fees everything else dont give me this per night fee of 154 when i know at the end of this whole thing.
Its gonna be about 600. Its ridiculous.

how to leave a review on vrbo-3
how to leave a review on vrbo-3

Its gonna be double whatever you think its gonna be so vrbo has got to stop trying to do this scam of telling you what the low low price of the the fees are per night. And then add in all this crap to it so when you go into it you have to actually go through all these viewing details to find out what your total cost is per night put it on the ding danged search. Its a scam not to do that knock it off the rpo.
Were smarter than that and when im booking a property. I dont care how you break out the fees. I want to know what im paying for night thats it if you keep it up this book.
Hotels everyone else will too so go on bookingcom. Theyll go on hotels calm. The book of fancy hotel.
If theyre gonna end up having to pay double. What youre actually paying for vrbo. The only time vrbo works.
The only time it works is if you want to rent a gigantic house on the beach or you have multiple couples and you all want to stay in the same place. So you can have some drinks you can cook you can do different stuff. And you guys are okay with splitting those high fees so if you look at the example.
I have for eighteen. Hundred bucks a night if you can actually sleep fourteen in this and you bring three. Families there right and you want to split the 1800 per night up then it might work for you except for the fact that at the end of all of it your fees are still going to be stupid ridiculous.
But youre splitting it among three different families thats the only way it really works if youre doing one or two nights. And youre just doing your immediate family. Its a complete scam dont even bother find a hotel take yourself to dinner dinners and breakfast.
Youre gonna like them better. Anyway to have to worry about cooking and cleaning and you might as well do that so thats the im not a fan of this scam series for me today. And ill see you next time.
Thank you bye music music. .

how to leave a review on vrbo-4
how to leave a review on vrbo-4

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