When you play Half Life 2 Way too much

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Welcome welcome to city 17. You have chosen or been chosen to relocate to one one of our finest remaining urban centers. I thought so much of city 17 that elected to establish my administration here in the citadel.
So thoughtfully provided by now to get these really drawn out shots. Its good to push against the fence because that way youre not alright guys. Were gonna go and hack.
The mainframe database to steal the video firewall bits of entropyn. Shit. Lets press.
Some buttons and see what happens aw. Lets fuckin get through before the firewall kicks us off mate lets go here and grab this bike get it off the pole umm. Were going to need it later its very important actually make sure it doesnt fall off the edge.
You guessed it more use hopping. Im practically at the point in this game. Where i can just go anywhere.

how long to beat half life 2-0
how long to beat half life 2-0

I want hngggggggg. I can do it i can do it yes once we get over to this chasm. Theres one thing you gotta realize.
We cant actually proceed uhh. We need the car to continue so were pretty much boned at this point. Theres a lot of waiting in this game.
Alyx here it is im not gonna wait just gonna sort of go on without her im not gonna wait just gonna sort of go on without her alyx okay so we dont actually need to wait for alyx here. We can just sort of bonnet jump over the fence uhh do a back hop and actually lost a bit of health. There probably best waiting for alyx to open the fence alyx wait for me lets keep going see if we can pick up the road somewhere ahead.
Oh. Were gonna pick the road up alright shift things into twelfth gear going off road baby. So you got some puzzle uh do something with some energy ball you gotta shoot in i dont really know i dont do the puzzles should call this a no bridge run 360.
Mlg quickscope. Oh. Baby a triple alyx.

how long to beat half life 2-1
how long to beat half life 2-1

Yeah. Oh yeah you like that you dirty slut you like that yeah oi check. This out whats one thing that zombies hate more than other things that zombie hate this window.
Hes done he cant do anything look at me. Im a stupid fucking zombie. Oh.
No you went in a fucking window. Oh better go home. Then our ongoing efforts to leave alyx behind are going pretty well actually lets see her make this jump stick this in here.
Make sure she cant follow us well. She followed me. Anyway so we have to get rid of her some other way alyx.
I think i see a stop down below lets get off there and see where it leads yeah. Just keep looking down. No dont look up alyx look out oi alyx.

how long to beat half life 2-2
how long to beat half life 2-2

Youre like cortana. Whats the weather in uruguay. No come back alyx alyx.
You dropped your phone come back fuck alyx that was close yeah not close enough and for my next magic trick. Ill oh shit ok. Theyre starting to learn uhh this cp is not having any of my bullshit anymore.
Its time to cower in the corner and take the beating civil protection now get out of here chuckle. If i keep this box right here. I can probably just keep him maybe not hes got box hacks.
All the hacks. He could have possibly had it was the it it was the box hack. It was the worst possible one for that particular scenario.
Infamous box hack of 2000. Is he just not trying. Anymore.
Did. I i guess i caught him .

how long to beat half life 2-3
how long to beat half life 2-3

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