Where Is John Bennett? – Orange Is The New Black Season 4 Theory

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Eggs bacon. Whats up everyone cut up some bacon bytes. We talk about tv tv movies.
Cartoons music and all kinds of theories and predictions. Here and you can some bacon. When you talk about it you know looks like it makes everything better officer.
John bennett. Where is he nobody knows last time. We saw him we saw him drop a crib off on the side of the road and left.
But where did he go where is he at right now why was he there for the birth of his child. Well. I have a couple of theories of where he might have gone where he is now and if we may see him again.
So lets get started now a lot of comments about where he might be has came into several orange new black videos. I have done i will be doing more before season. 4 rolls around and one that i see a lot is that he snitched on himself and now hes in jail.
This one is a very very slim chance um basically because hes not a brave man. He is really not a brave guy at all weve seen him uh you know he doesnt seem like his stand up on his own now. I know that you saying if hed snitch on himself as in jail.
He stood his own two feet as a man and took responsibility. But i dont think that actually happened uh hes pushed around easily by daiya. A mom cesar um.
And certain prisoners in litchfield. So he doesnt have a much of a backbone at all so i dont see him setting himself up to go to jail or something. And um.
Well you know with that said. No i dont i dont think hes snitch on himself and hes in jail. Thats a very very slim chance of happening the second thing that i did see like the comments and i agree just a little bit more with.
But not much is that he decided to get the baby and run away um. Now the big problem that is for better to be able to adopt his own child is that he would have to admit to having sex with one of the prisoners. Which is illegal and that would call him not only to be fired.
But he will be charged for rape because i think ive already said that a prisoner cant consent to sex. So it would be charged as rape and then he would go to jail. So theres no real way i can see bennett getting his baby unless somebody outside signed some documents that he would get it or whatever so i dont really see that dont like to see that really happen is that he went did confess and then used his information that he has on saids are as a bargaining chip.
And he said hey once you take the baby. I get it you cant arrest.

what happened to bennett on orange is the new black-0
what happened to bennett on orange is the new black-0

Me i will put in my resignation and then he gets to run away. But wounds that has just a little bit more of a chance happened in the first now. Everybody does agree that bennett was the one called cops on caesar and somebody said that he was in witness protection.
I dont know this one is it sort of might be true. But i dont know see that would mean that see we dont know how many connections or how big say czar is in his ring of crime. So arm or his crime ring either way so we dont know exactly how you know big of a threat.
He might be to citizens or to bennett. So lets say he did go to the da. He you know they probably watching say saw for a long time anyway.
And the reason. I think that they have been watching for a long time. And i think died his mom went to prison for essays are took the rap probably had some drugs on her for him and then died took her spot probably running drugs doing dumb crap and also got caught you know im saying saw him using women to traffic his drugs was probably something at dea and the fbi have probably watching anyway.
And all they needed was eyewitness or someone to tell us whats going on in the inside and boom. You have bennett they probably caught him walking out after he went to go visit one time and they probably caught him. And said hey we just seen you come out of that dont you work at litchfield.
Whats going on here and you probably laid it all out said he probably fears for his safety and the safety of his baby and so they promise if he goes and testifies that he and his baby would go free after they went in arrested him yeah. It could happen. I believe it might be and a good option heres the one that nobody believes.
But i sort of believe this more than. I believe anything now a lot of people said. How can he just walk away.
How could he just run away. Theres no way he just walked away well hmm. Well just think about this for a second here.
He sees his child staying with died. His family and that would be a horrible thing. But the fear of him telling herself being true father it does you know kind of make him out to be you know a criminal.
So he lose his job hed be probably go to jail or be on parole or whatever. So he kind of looks at that and goes. I just need to leave now lets go out and list of reasons that you know his mind is going crazy right now.
Number one. He got an inmate pregnant. Which is against the rules and illegal number two he cant tell anybody the truth or he will go to jail.
Says in prisons and mate cant give a legal consent. I dont think anyway.

what happened to bennett on orange is the new black-1
what happened to bennett on orange is the new black-1

I think. Theres something like that was said for sex. So he would be charged for rape possibly um.
He will lose his job of course and chances are slim with him finding a good one and um. When and if he got out of prison. Number four he understands that he wouldnt just be mad to died.
He understands that he will be married to her family who tells her what to do who tells him what to do who scare. The shit out of him and history might just repeat itself. Where the chances of that his child may end up in the same place.
As grandma and mommy one day. Speaking of family listen. There was moments especially when she was pregnant that dire sort of snapped on bennett.
And he could see um pieces of her mother. Inside of her coming out and he even said it to her one episode. And she was kind of pissed about that but you can see i saw her i know if you were watching the tv screen you saw it so it just might be that you know for me diet was a favorite character of mine.
But as shes kind of dropped down in the ranks seeing that shes possibly becoming more like a mother. But i think with the events on the last episode of season three and everything that happened. And i doesnt know about it when she finds out season four.
I think shell snap back into a litter realize her mamas a bitch rely. Seizing saves. Our and shit dont return and find some kind of way to find.
Mr. John bennett and be with him. But i really think that with everything i just said happening john just walked away.
He just walked away. Why whitney yeah. I think about if he would have stayed.
He would have had a shitstorm of things to deal with that i dont think he wanted to deal with or talk about or live. It for the rest of his life. I dont think he want to handle it so he made the call to d8 that much i do believe and you know what he just put in his resignation.
Say he was leaving and just left tell me what do you think happened to bennett. What did he go do you think hes locked up. Do you think hes a texan do you think he just walked away.
Do you think that hes just waiting at home and waiting gonna call it the babys born just let me know what do you guys think i have more uh orange. New black prediction in theater videos coming out weekly. All the way up until season.
Four and well see if any my predictions and theories are true thank you guys for watching subscribe like comment and ill see you guys next time .

what happened to bennett on orange is the new black-2
what happened to bennett on orange is the new black-2

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