White Lamps Transformations! DIY Chalk Paint A Lampshade!

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To emma tree decorating like a bro. I am catherine thank you for your patience patience while my family endured bereavement guys are in the last video. I promised that will be working on limbs.
While im in love with white lamps. They add a touch of class to any room even a dark room. And ive got some old lamps around our house that ive updated once before so now im going to take them from gold into white and as you know gold spray paint will fade over time and start to look dull.
So this was the perfect opportunity to take them into the white era and i just love a white lamp. So im using this inexpensive white spray paint that i got from walmart and it took all three cans to get the job done. But i love the result nice crisp and clean.
What can i say georgia is known for its net and ive been waiting for fall to paint. But nevertheless youve got to do what you got to do hints of the fan now the land shade has a small little dent in it and i cant seem to get it out so i decided to try a trick that has worked before just take your heat gun and apply a little heat not enough to melt the lampshade. But enough to soften it so you can basically take two oven mitts and rub above and below the area and guys.

grey and white lamp shade-0
grey and white lamp shade-0

This worked as a matter of fact just a little bit of that debt came out that wont say it came out a hundred percent. But this worked for me so. If you got that problem with an old lampshade just give this a try.
But be careful dont overheat the surface now this jumbo size lampshades arent very expensive theyre like 69 depending on the quality. So i went over to goodwill and i got this one just to run a quick test on as far as the paint is concerned this is chalk paint that kills chalk paint very inexpensive got it from walmart you do 20 water add it to your chalk paint. Im gonna do a test on the smaller lampshade.
One because its a different kind of fabric on the outside. And just going to take a simple paint brush and apply the paint you really should apply it in one direction. But if you do go in opposite directions.
Just flow with the grain of the fabric for this part you might want to use some plastic gloves. I also want to dust your lampshade. If you have a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.

grey and white lamp shade-1
grey and white lamp shade-1

Just run that over your lampshade thatll be just fine now here. I am misting the shade with a little water just for the area that im going to paint doing this segment. You missed and you paint and you mist.
And you paint thats the rhythm and here is what one coat looks like now. This is a burlap style fabric. And its a bit raised shall.
I say so it really takes the paint differently. And thats what i wanted to show you the difference in the styles. Whether its a linen lampshade or a burlap style or just a cotton topping.
But these things can really vary with the way they take on the paint. But this time around im got the paint a little bit thicker because i want to make sure. It hears there are some gold threads in this shade.

grey and white lamp shade-2
grey and white lamp shade-2

So that metallic thread is going to take on the paint a little bit differently as well. But nevertheless. Were gonna give it a thorough painting and lets see what happens and here is what one coat looks like from inside of the shade.
Now one coat isnt bad. But i think multiple coats would be much better now doing the second and third paint applications. I did not apply a water mist the paint had no problem adhering to the previous coat now i would really appreciate it if you would like and share this video.
It really does impact our ranking here on youtube. And i really need your help. I was so excited to go ahead and put the lamp shades on i didnt wait for them to dry.
But i am gonna show you what they look like when theyve dried this paint is still wet on the shades. And here it is dry big difference. I love it it turned out really well.

grey and white lamp shade-3
grey and white lamp shade-3

I was concerned about that metallics shining through. But even that enhanced the look of the lampshade being painted white applying a top coat of wax to your lampshade is optional. I decided not to this paint dried.
So hard that i didnt see the need to apply a wax now whether your choice is ceramics. Pearl or even just simple metallic white. Its up to you to just lighten up the space with white lamps.
And i certainly appreciate the addition to our bedroom. If youre not a subscriber please consider doing so today and remember to turn on your notifications. Thats ringing.
The bell. So you dont miss a single video thanks a lot for watching and as always stay in prayer and stay creative. .

grey and white lamp shade-4
grey and white lamp shade-4

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