Who was Samson ? Strongest man ever !

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Story of samson is found in a book of judges chapters. 13 to 16. And and samson is a unique individual god raised them up to be a deliverer for from the oppression of the philistines.
And whats interesting about samson. Is that hes very strong and but he did have his fair share of issues mainly the lust of the flesh. Which every one has in them.
And but nevertheless. Amidst samsons issues god was able to fulfill his purpose for samsons life. And we see that samson is mentioned in hebrews.
11. Which is the hall of faith now when i was a kid. I i was attracted to the story of samson.
Because as a child and not knowing that deeper meaning of the scriptures. I was i found it appealing that samson was strong and he had long hair in muscles. But i didnt realize that this is all superficial samsons real strength was the strength of the holy spirit.
He had the lord with him now. The story of samson goes like this his parents his mom was barren. She had bore no children to her husband.
Manoa and one day and the angel. O. Lord appears to her and tells her that shes gonna conceive and give birth to a son and that he is to be separate.
Hes gonna be separate from god to god as a nazarite from from the moment that hes born to the day of his death. And thats interesting it speaks of of how god is faithful to the moment of his death. He will still be a nazarite so even though samson had many issues which were going to see.
He still god was still considered him a nazarite to the day of his death separated onto god now a nazarite was to take certain vows and the main ones were that they werent supposed to drink any wine or eat grapes or anything from the vine or anything fermented they werent supposed to cut their hair and they werent supposed to touch anything unclean especially that of a dead animal now we see this also in 2nd corinthians. 6.

who is the strongest man in the bible-0
who is the strongest man in the bible-0

Verses. 17 and 18. Where paul writes wherefore come out from among them and be separate saith.
The lord and touch not the unclean thing and i will receive you and will be a father unto you and ye shall be my sons and daughters saith. The lord almighty now sampson eventually goes down at the philistine territory. And he finds a woman that hes attracted to and then he goes back home and he tells his parents i found a woman that i want to be my wife and his parents are not happy with this because theyre saying why cant you find a wife amongst our people instead of going to the uncircumcised philistines.
But samson is totally being led by the flesh in his own words. He says i want her because i like the way she looks that was the reason why he wanted her but unbeknownst to samsons parents. This was the work of the lord.
But as the lord was seeking an occasion against the philistines through samson and so its absolutely amazing the grace and mercy of the lord that amidst our weakness. The lord will still accomplish his purpose for our lives in fact theres a scripture that says when i am weak. Then i am strong and so samson goes back down to philistine territory and along the way.
Hes confronted by a lion and he kills this lion with his bare hands and then some time later hes passing the lion. The dead carcass of the lion. And he sees that bees had made honey in the lions carcass and so he scoops the honey out and so hes sending against the lord here.
He said. Thats all right and hes touching a dead body here and so not only is the lion something unclean. But the honey has been made unclean also because it was in the at a deadline and so hes eating this honey and then he comes upon his parents.
And he gives his parents some of the honey and his parents are unaware of where the honey comes from so not only is samson defiling himself. But hes also defiling his parents and the word says in exodus. 20 honour thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long upon the land which the lord thy god giveth thee and now we know that samson did not live a whole along life.
He led israel for twenty years and he eventually dies. And so he he probably died sometime around 40 years old and so over the course of time. Samson is really putting a beating on the philistines and this scares.
The israelites and so they say to him dont you know that the philistines rule over us and this really bothers samson. Because the man has no fear.

who is the strongest man in the bible-1
who is the strongest man in the bible-1

But he allows his people to bind him with ropes and hand him over to the philistines. But when samson gets there he breaks himself free from all the ropes and he he finds the jawbone of an ass and he kills a thousand philistines with the jawbone of an ass one against a thousand and the scripture does say one will send a thousand a fight two will send 10000. A flight and so theres a picture of it right there in another situation.
Samson. He goes down to a certain city in philistine territory. And he literally rips the doors off of the entryway to the city.
And i love the type and shadow of this because jesus said in matthew. 16. 18.
And i say also unto thee that thou art peter and upon this rock. I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it eventually samson goes down to philistine territory. And he meets delilah and he falls in love with delilah.
But delilahs heart not with samson. Shes a philistine and a heart is with her people and so theyre telling her to find out where his great strength lies so that they can subdue him. And shes prodding him and rotting him and he lies to her he tells her three different lies in his strength is not revealed and then she is it gets upset and shes she says how can you say you love me.
When you wont tell me this. And so she keeps on prodding him and eventually he gives in and he tells her that hes a nazarite separated to god from birth in it if you cut my hair. All my strength will leave me.
Now. This was a big deal in the eyes of lord. Because it speaks of responsibility.
Samson knew better. Hes not hes not just like acting out the lust thats in him. But hes hes literally like rebelling against god because he knew better he knew he was in nazarite and so it was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back in the eyes of the lord and delilah causes samson to fall asleep on her lap.
And the philistines cut his hair off and samson begins to be subdued and she yells out samson. The philistines are upon you he wakes up thinking.

who is the strongest man in the bible-2
who is the strongest man in the bible-2

Im gonna just break myself free as i have in the past. But unbeknownst to him the lord had left him he didnt even know it and its its amazing. Because it speaks of what happened with the galatians in galatians 4 chapman verse.
19. Paul writes my little children of whom i travail and birth again until christ be formed in you and god did amazing miracles through the galatians. But they turned back to the law in in uh in wanting to be justified by the keeping of the law and so they fell from grace and so christ needed to be formed in them again.
And so they take samson and they gouge out his eyes. And they throw them in prison. And make him a grinder in prison.
And over the course of time samsons hair begins to grow again and then the philistines are gonna have a big celebration in their temple and they go and get samson from the prison. Because they want to be amused by him and they bring him into the temple. And now this was a big mistake on the part of the philistines.
They basically brought the anointing into the house and they set up samson in between the two pillars that hold the temple up in samson praise. He basically repents and he and but it sounds like hes looking for revenge. Which is not a good thing.
He asked the lord let me get revenge on these philistines for for my two eyes that they took out but in fairness to samson. He was raised as a judge he lived on the law and the law says an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. He was doing what he knew and so he pulls the temple down killing three thousand philistines.
Many of whom were leaders of the philistines and samson himself dies in and it says and i like judges 16 verse 30. I like this last cent sentence last two sentences. Where it says in samson.
Said. Let me die with the philistines and he bowed himself with all his might and the house fell upon the lords and upon all the people that were there and so the dead. Which he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life.
And so the moral of the story is is that that god will use you mightily even amidst the sin that you stumble in if you just continue to remain in the sanctification process and let the lord use you but when you finally die to self completely thats when the lord will use you mightily to truly crush the works of darkness. .

who is the strongest man in the bible-3
who is the strongest man in the bible-3

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