Who’s the STRONGEST Player in NFL History?

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Just as we saw the competitive juices of the buffy hall of famers and the the mvps and the great pro bowlers of the past now we get to see competitive juices literally flow from the strongest man well its 225 pounds tom. Which is the weight that everybody lifts and confidence college pro. As you point out its easy to follow at home clift at the most time you win yeah.
That would have been decent. If you wouldnt here in 2006. The first man up was larry allen this didnt sit easy with the rest of the contestants.
The brutally strong allen went on to bench 225 43 times. Most contestants werent even close while others didnt even bother trying turns out larry allen. Doesnt have the most reps ever by an nfl player in fact.
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Now lets get back to the video on any given year.

who is the strongest player in the nfl-0
who is the strongest player in the nfl-0

The nfl invites 335 athletes to its official combine if you look at the numbers of all the athletes combined since 1998 that gives you just over. 7000 potential draftees among those 7000. Just 18 of them have managed to put up 40 reps or.
More thats just below 03. Percent of potential nfl players and after doing the math roughly point seven percent of all linemen have reached this mark 40 reps is no joke. If you insert larry allen smart from the o six pro bowl since we arent sure what his pro numbers look like this would put them tied ninth all time at the top as the standalone player to reach 51 reps was a man named justin earnest.
This incredible milestone is 16. More reps than all pro defensive tackle. Aaron donalds heres the crazy thing though even with that feat of strength just an earnest went undrafted he was picked up by the new orleans saints where he barely lasted one season in the league.
He never even played a single down in the nfl. Even though theres several factors to why his career may have not worked out one hows this dude. So brutally strong and two i began to question the test itself before the nfl scouting combine one year you released a video of you i believe you were benching 463 pounds yes just based on combine skills alone id be horrible.
I wouldnt be invited to the draft. I probably would be kicked out of the combine i know a lot about strength and fitness and upper body reps for a segregated weight from max is a horrible test for the combine athletes. I love the agility test.
I love the sprint tests vertical jump all that stuff is really fun to watch.

who is the strongest player in the nfl-1
who is the strongest player in the nfl-1

But step your game up with a strength assessment nfl. It is bizarre to think that every other test of the combine is one explosive movement to determine how an athlete is in that area. But for strength they rip out a weight that pretty much every nfl player can do easily there are strength coaches that agree with john cena on stack comm in an article titled how top strength coaches would improve the nfl scouting combine all three of the interviewed coaches mentioned their disagreements with the test two of them.
Mention. The idea of a kneeling overhead med ball toss as a better method a test upper body stream. I could see how that makes sense.
But since we dont have that test in play for this video. Were gonna have to look at something else by taking the maxes of three lifts bench press. Squats and deadlift.
We can start to get a sense of who the strongest nfl player is and we get to see just how superhuman these guys really are with the help of this article from massa. No max calm. Who dodi pin to researching one rep max.
Calculating and typically guesstimating the potential lifting numbers of a handful. The league strongest players. We can get a pretty good idea of what some of these dudes lived lets start with a punter.
You think these guys are a joke.

who is the strongest player in the nfl-2
who is the strongest player in the nfl-2

Steve weatherford might change your mind this guy totals. Approximately fourteen hundred and twenty five pounds from these three lives in 2011. While serving as the giants punter.
He was featured on the cover of mens fitness. His teammates called him the strongest player pound for pound on the team now how about the wild man. Himself james harrison.
Watching him lived leaves me at a loss for words. I dont know whether i should be impressed or terrified music his total is approximately seventeen hundred and ninety five pounds. What an animal next.
Vernon davis can make a case for one of the greatest spear. A fleet sever as a tight end that stands at six three two forty four his combine stats were out of this world this includes a four three forty a 42 inch vertical and thirty three reps on the bench at his time of the university of maryland. He about shattered every lifting record that they had his total is approximately eighteen hundred and eighty five pounds now.
Its time for the big boys up next. Andrew billings. This man accumulated a total of two thousand and ten pounds while he was in high school.
He did this at the texas state high school championships for powerlifting.

who is the strongest player in the nfl-3
who is the strongest player in the nfl-3

He broke the previous record. Which was set by mark henry yeah. This mark henry applause and last.
We have stephen paea. The guy who stands in second behind justin earnest for the nfl bench combine record his total stands at two thousand and sixty pounds. According to the website.
Stephen paea. Is most likely the strongest nfl player ever sike clearly they forgot about the man who once benched 700 pounds. A man who had an official squad of nine hundred and five pounds.
A man who once did ten reps of incline bench at five hundred and twenty pounds this dude measured in at 325 pounds with only eleven percent body fat. Some call him the most athletic big man in nfl history. As impressive as it is to see someone bench.
Seven forty fives. A ten and a two and a half on each side. Itll never be as impressive as what he did on this play applause music music.

who is the strongest player in the nfl-4
who is the strongest player in the nfl-4

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