Why Steve Harmon was a Monster | Monster by Walter Myers

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Welcome back to our channel. This week on monster mysteries. We discuss the monsters act act of steve hartman.
I gotta say while reading this book it got me riled. My thoughts. Exactly lets get into it a hard working dedicated 16 year old kid or a monstrous murderer.
The book monster tells the story behind steves court case and the process of him being found not guilty of murdering. A drug store owner. And a stick up robbery on december 22nd in harlem.
New york. Mr.

who is mr sawicki in the book monster-0
who is mr sawicki in the book monster-0

Nesbit. The owner of the local drugstore was found dead after two young men entered with the intention of burglary. The event quickly leads to the homicide of mr.
Nesbit by those two thugs. There were four boys in ominous. Richard bobo.
Evans. Was accused of being in the store at the time of the murder. He supposedly stole the money from the register along with a couple packages of cigarettes.
Osvaldo cruz was the lookout his job was to stand outside of the store while the crime was going on and make sure no one could catch them james king was along with bobo in the drugstore king was the individual that wrestled mr. Nesbit for his gun.

who is mr sawicki in the book monster-1
who is mr sawicki in the book monster-1

Which ended in him committing the murder of nesbit our start today is steve harmon. The gang members mentioned that his job was to look around in the store. Before the crime took place and make a signal.
However harmon says that he was never even at the store in the first place when being questioned by the court. He manipulates his words to seem innocent. This was making a monster at the end of the book.
Its finally concluded that steve hartman was found not guilty. However today we are going to be step by step explaining how he was indeed a monster. When the word monster is mentioned people often see growling sharptooth.
Scary creatures that want to bring fear and have it to them some may even think about rapists murderers terrorists and others who commit these gruesome crimes now what did harmon actually do to make us realize. He was a monster well in the book is that king bobo steve and other members of their gang are sitting together.

who is mr sawicki in the book monster-2
who is mr sawicki in the book monster-2

Discussing getting fast cash. They talk about robbing. A bank restaurant early cursed or but end up picking the drugstore steve has very low say in the conversation with the other gang members.
But its obvious that he doesnt have any intention of telling them to stop or that its illegal. How does this make harmon a monster you may be asking well harmon didnt deny the fact that he was a part of the plan making it seem that he was actually in on it when being interrogated in the courtroom. He in fact lied to the jury to defend his side of the story when preparing for the case.
Steves lawyer and himself and practiced what answers would be good for the jury to hear if he chose to tell the truth he would have been sentenced to 25 years in prison. It is pretty obvious to us readers that he chose to lie and get his way. So you wouldnt have to face the consequences.
This considers him as a monster because of his actions in a federal state of law he chose to be selfish instead of facing the consequences in the crime. He was a part of not only does steve lie through his teeth to the authorities.

who is mr sawicki in the book monster-3
who is mr sawicki in the book monster-3

But his morals are clearly out of place he completely disregards the fact that an innocent man died because of his involvement in the crime and lies to benefit from it if these things sound evil and villainous to you youre correct. These are the exact things that a monster would do if youre trying to give hummin. The benefit of the doubt.
And thinking maybe the murder made him into a monster muffins. But youre wrong prior to these events. Steve constantly looked up to bo and king as role models.
He saw that they were powerful and he admired that even though their authority came from criminal and corrupt actions overall. There are various reasons. Why we consider this young man a monster first off he lies to the authorities to make himself seem not guilty of the involvement of the murder second he looks up to criminals as role models regardless of the vile actions that they have made finally he displays sociopathic and selfish tendencies.
He lies about his part of the story to avoid the consequences completely neglecting the fact that a man lost his life coming to a close do you think that steve harmon is truly a monster. Well leave that up to you well see you next week on monster man case closed you .

who is mr sawicki in the book monster-4
who is mr sawicki in the book monster-4

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