Wood Stove Tips And Tricks | How To Start A Fire The First Time, Every Time!

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Back to the homestead everyone welcome back to the channel. One of the most difficult difficult things to do is get a fire started in one of these new epa wood stoves. Today were going to show you how to start that fire the first time every time stay with us music.
So there are a few basic rules to follow to start off making a great fire on the first shot and that is one were gonna leave our door cracked open were gonna draw extra air in through the door we want all of our controls open we run. Our damper open and we need to leave that door open for proper draw to begin with but once that fire takes hold you can close that off all right number two we need perfectly seasoned wood dry. Seasoned wood.
If youre trying to do this with green wood. Its not gonna work. Its not good for your stove anyway so always remember dry season.
Wood okay first things first we are gonna take our biggest logs and were gonna place them here on the bottom. Now. That is completely contradictory to what we all learned growing up in building.
A campfire right building. A teepee or the log cabin style. Older wood stoves.
You were able to do that. But not these. Newer stoves part of the reason is is they have these pipes along the top that are used for air circulation and air intake.
And its these are set up just a little bit differently than those older stoves. So essentially we want to build this fire in reverse kind of weird. I know but stay with me on this so like i said.
Were gonna take our two biggest logs that were gonna start the fire. With and were gonna put them here on the bottom. Now.
That is also contradicting the fact that youre starting with large wood usually you start with kindling. Were gonna add the kindling but were also gonna have that large wood in there now we want it in this v pattern. Like this because we want air to circulate around the back and around the outside of the fire right here from here.
We are gonna start with our paper. So our paper is going to go right here inside of v. And we dont have to do too much of that because next.
Were gonna add a layer of cardboard now its no big deal if you dont have the cardboard. But it helps out a lot were gonna stick a decent amount of this cardboard here at the top now we want to leave some air gaps like with anything youll want to that air to circulate through there. But we also want to take that off the top.
We also want to have enough material to get this thing going were gonna add some small pieces of kindling on top of that so this is actually like building one of our old fires here. We can make this little log cabin structure up here. And it doesnt have to be perfect.
We can add some more cardboard on top of that like this and now were actually going to put some larger pieces right directly on the top of it were gonna span that right there. Were gonna give that a little breathing room as well theres some medium sized pieces and right on the top.

how to start a fire in a wood stove-0
how to start a fire in a wood stove-0

Were gonna put another larger piece of wood now we have a smaller stove here and so our wood is cut at 1 foot sections instead of normal 16 inches. You get when you buy firewood or you process it yourself we have 1 foot sections. Here.
And that is perfect for this this little wood pro 1500. But were gonna you see weve got a lot of large wood on the outside here. Weve got our kindling here in the middle and lets light this baby up youre gonna see this go first time every time its awesome and oh pshh i light it in a few different places.
If you have to light a a piece of wood to get it in there do that get it in the back. But itll catch pretty darn quick let me tell you okay were gonna get that closed. So it creates a nice heats that pipe up really quick and creates a nice draft and gets that that pipe heated up so it pulls it out quickly.
Thats also why were leaving this door open a little bit so we can get that draft going up you can see how quickly that has started its gonna take a while to get all that fuel burned up here at the top. But right away. Weve got our flame high.
And its starting to work with the the inlet tubes on the top of the stove. Now you can see in just a short short period of time that youve got nice hot coals right in the center of that v. What thats gonna help do is catch those larger exterior logs on fire quickly and build our fire.
So we can build our fire faster and also across the top you can see some serious coals. Getting going that serious heat coming up on top of those bigger pieces on the top. Its really starting to heat.
This fire up super fast look at this fire is roaring. And its only been a few minutes. I was so frustrated when i first got this stove.
Because i just could not get it started. I was sitting here in front of the stove for a half an hour 45 minutes trying those old methods those old boy scout methods and you know the methods my dad taught me the methods i used actually my uncles old school wood stove just dont work in these new stoves. I was so happy to find this method online from a gentleman in england.
And i thank you so much that guy helped me out and weve got a roaring fire. The first time every time now and im so happy i dont have to sit here forever. We do have to leave the door open for a little while probably 15 minutes give or take.
But thats it so do it this way itll save you a lot of headache also we want you to be here with us on a permanent basis. So go down below hit that subscribe button hit the little notification bell and then after that hit all notifications leave us a comment in the comment section. Below go.
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Thank you have a great day. And well see you next week on the next video bye music. .

how to start a fire in a wood stove-1
how to start a fire in a wood stove-1

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