World’s Most Expensive Dress Ever Sold – Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Happy Birthday, Mr President’ Gown

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Monroe has always created above and this once in a lifetime auction is no exception exception the items have been on a world tour attracting crowds wherever they went the alone is spread across four volumes and runs to almost a thousand pages. No other movie star in history has garnered so much attention. Its the next best thing to meeting her is owning something that she own touching something that she touched under the spotlight a some of marilyns most famous gowns.
Why are all here this is outstanding more than any other star shes remembered for what she wore. She was absolutely brilliant at understanding the power of clothing. She often didnt wear undergarments because she believed it ruined the line and the dresses acted as a perfect showcase for this absolutely incredible figure.
No dress showed of marilyns body more than the one she wore to sing happy birthday to president john f. Kennedy. In may 1962.
Its so famous.

marilyn monroe dress for sale-0
marilyn monroe dress for sale-0

But it could become the most expensive down ever sold i believe it to be the most iconic dress of the 20th century combines pop art politics it ties it all in beautifully people just theyre mesmerized by by seeing it makes people cry. You know very few artifacts in our lifetime. Has that type of effect on the public in 1962.
Marilyn was invited to perform at jfks glamorous 45th birthday gala in new york. A lot of rumors that there was a romance or something going on and so i wanted to get a picture of kennedy with marilyn monroe. That was my aim weeks before the event.
Marilyn ordered. A dress for this special night. Bob mackie was part of the design team she wanted to look unbelievable.
She wanted to really you know like wake people up theres a sketch of this bag actual dress.

marilyn monroe dress for sale-1
marilyn monroe dress for sale-1

It was a one layer of very sheer silk fabric. I mean sheer sheer sheer they called it in hollywood they called it souffl and then there was thousands of of what they call lock roses. Which are like little crystal rhinestones that have a flat back and a hole in the middle and stone one at a time and theyre very expensive at this point in time.
And it was kind of based on that idea that marilyn would be absolutely nude and with just diamonds on her as she walked out nearly 55 years. After she stole the show at the presidents birthday. Party.
Marilyns dress is taking center stage. Once more and now making history. Telling one of the most significant dresses in the world.
This dress is a piece of history and you can own it tonight.

marilyn monroe dress for sale-2
marilyn monroe dress for sale-2

Youll get five million dollars. Ive got two million lascars would anybody get three million we have two million three million. I got three million four million dollars four million dollars left three million bid four million dollars.
We have three million bid. Any other visit four billion four million dollars. We have been fair warning last call ladies and gentlemen this dress just sold for four point eight 1 million.
Premium ripleys believe it or not fetching a record 48. 1. Million dollars.
Its the most expensive dress ever sold you .

marilyn monroe dress for sale-3
marilyn monroe dress for sale-3

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